WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Law of Reflection and Transition scenario)

window-on-new-world-law-of-reflection-and-transition-scenarioGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will consider one more Law of the Universe so that you get a better idea of how it corresponds to the time parameters changing now.

And now at issue will be the Law of Reflection.

We have talked a lot with you about the fact that in recent years karma laws work in a different way – much faster than before.

While in old times retribution for your unseemingly deeds could come even in your next incarnation, now everything happens in the current life and rather quickly sometimes.

This phenomenon is also a manifestation of the Fifth dimension on Earth, which promotes Revival of many people.

Such fast karma enables you to clearly see the cause-effect relationship of all the events in your life and adjust your attitude to these or those people or events in time.

Of course, not many people can put to practice this skill but only those whose vibrations allow to do it.

Those fast asleep are accustomed to blame all their misfortunes and sufferings on other people.

And only the people whose conscience has already left the metes and bounds of the third dimensionality can realize the “inner” reasons for their failure.

By the way, it concerns not only some particular individuals but humanity in general, too.

So, for example, if collective human conscience had featured a higher level of vibrations, people would not have got to the trap the world government prepared for them as the false pandemic and false vaccination imposed on them with all it entailed.

Therefore, the slave psychology of the overwhelming majority of your planet’s population and their unmurmuring obedience in respect of absurd and illegal requirements of the authorities resulted in still more trouble.

Beside the fact that a lot of people lost their health and even life itself, for the worse was changed the scenario of the planet and humanity’s transition to the Fifth dimension, too.

This way, the Law of Reflection has shown not only in lives of certain people but the whole humanity as well.

And now it is time to realize it so as not to repeat again the mistakes made before but quickly and confidently move to the Fifth dimension with your planet instead.

We have mentioned more than once with you that one really revived person is worth hundreds and sometimes thousands of the unrevived.

That is why if each of you start heedfully treating everything that takes place in your life monitoring cause-effect chains of all the events and relations with people, it will be a great contribution to increasing of collective human conscience vibrations.

This will be the very compliance of yours with the Law of Reflection and prompt correction of your behaviour in accordance with it.

Try, my dear to monitor all your thoughts and emotions more carefully so as not to miss the moment when they lead you astray from the road you chose.

It is, as a matter of fact, quite a fascinating occupation.

It can be compared with the game of “ping-pong”: if you catch the “ball” of the event that reflects your inharmonious thoughts and emotions outwards and neutralize its consequences at least at the energy level, you will win, while if you do not catch your “ball”, you will have to “play” over and over again studying the same lesson.

And I wish you, my dear, to finish this “game” with a quick and resounding victory having got rid of all the third dimension reactions to the events and people who “mirror” you.

And from now on let only happiness and joy, pure and light souls be attracted to you that reflect the harmonious condition of your Soul.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 20, 2022.

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