WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Multilevel essence of the Law of Unity)

window-on-new-world-multilevel-essence-of-the-law-of-unityGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on talking about the specific ways that the Laws of the Universe show in different dimensions.

And now we will talk about the Law of Unity.

I think that many of you have already seen the difference in its “behaviour” in the third and Fifth dimensions.

And it is natural since the person whose conscience has already advanced to the level of the Fifth dimension understands this Law in quite a distinct way because it leaves for them the metes and bounds of the third dimensionality and embraces not only your Galaxy but the whole Universe as well.

This is exactly the phenomenon that many revived souls witness, which at the same time is a manifestation of the Fifth dimension in their present life.

Yet, all this happens gradually – in successive steps.

As a rule, the one who has embarked on the way of spiritual development starts feeling Unity first with natural elements, animals and the people around.

But as long as the knowledge of the Universe, diversity of life under the sun, their Galaxy brothers and sisters is getting revealed to such a person, the Law of Unity in their understanding gains quite a different scale.

Of course, it is only possible if one unconditionally believes – feels with all one’s heart and soul that everything is really so that it is not one’s fantasy but reality though invisible and unprovable so far from the point of view of the third dimension world man.

This way the multilevel essence of the Law of Unity shows that depending on an individual’s vibrations and worldview assumes various forms: ranging from family, group, national Unity to the Unity of the Universe scale.

As far as the fourth dimension is concerned, where many of you now find themselves in, here some things intermediary between the ways this Law shows in the third and Fifth dimensions occur.

And the reason is as follows.

As you know now there is in progress vigorous stratification according to vibrations among the inhabitants of Earth.

As a result, some people feel Unity with the segment of the population fast asleep, while some others – with its revived part.

And between the two groups that often are antagonistic towards each other there is no Unity.

The third dimension world duality is to blame for it that has become as apparent as ever.

But such stratification of the society is well in consistence with laws – this way the Law of Attraction and the Law of the Free Will work.

Each person has chosen their path – the very energy space and reality they feel comfortable and that meet their Soul’s needs.

Therefore, on Earth there has arisen a unique situation – two parallel realities, sometimes intersecting though, where people live according to their Laws of Unity.

But in the former group of the people who remained in the third dimension world the Law of Unity shows in a curtailed manner being limited to the frames of family, country, Earth at most, while in the latter one – in an extended manner since this Law now embraces not only Earth but the Galaxy and the whole Universe.

In the long run, the people of the latter group start feeling Unity with those who chose to remain in the third dimension world, too being aware of the inevitability of the stratification of the planet’s inhabitants according to vibrations and the free choice of every inhabitant of Earth.

And the higher one’s vibrations, the wider and the more voluminous the Law of Unity’s manifestation in one’s life becomes that now covers all the dimensions and all the kinds of living beings both on Earth and far away from it.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 21, 2022.

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