WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Law of Free Will “coming back”)

window-on-new-world-law-of-free-will-coming-backGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about one more Law of the Universe – one of the most important that concerns every living being on Earth.

This is the Law of the Free Will.

This is the law that has been violated most and is still being violated on Earth.

People have always been driven to certain limits by those who seized power on your planet preventing the former from being their own masters.

Moreover, little by little they managed to make obedience and following earthly laws a virtue.

As a result, all universal human virtues and natural needs of the human Soul have been perverted.

Right from childhood a child was taught they are not free in their choice – that their life and destiny comply with their parents, religion, state and simply circumstances and that they themselves cannot change anything.

Rare “rebels” who dared to “stray from the herd” were sooner or later forced back, and it had been going on that way for millennia.

This is exactly the reason for the situation to arise on your planet when billions of people found themselves hostages of a group of criminals who took over your planet.

As you can see in recent years the suppression of the human free will has been brought to the point of absurdity this time which developed into mass destruction of humanity.

But this was the thing that was a powerful spur to the revival of hundreds of thousands of people who eventually realized the true essence and actual goals of the ruling top.

And the fact that it has finally happened resulted mostly from the Law of the Free Will’s manifestation that has come back to Earth with the new high vibration energies of the Fifth dimension.

Purifying human conscience these energies have managed to get through the thick of the third dimension world strata with its stereotyped mental patterns that suppress the free will of people and turn them into submissive slaves of the system.

And now this system is starting collapsing taking along to nonexistence all the laws and traditions that are based on fear and human will suppression.

Of course, not everybody is ready to set out for a “free flying” and take responsibility for their life and destiny on their own shoulders.

A lot of people will be clinging to the old moral values not even bothering to think who imposed such “morals” on them.

But freethinking has already broken away and to force the people who have taken a deep breath of the “air” filled with jolly anticipation of a new life back to the “cage” of the third dimensionality will now be impossible for high and mighty.

The third dimension matrix is going to pieces now in such a legible way that only the blind cannot see it.

Yet, “the blind” are numerous enough on Earth and they will leave for their worlds of low vibrations to go on with their existence until they recover their sight and gain the free will – the one that can return people their Divine essence and make them the Creators of their life.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 22, 2022.

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