Save The Planet

Save Your Planet

Message from Father – Absolute on January 3, 2017

Greetings, my dearest children!

Today I am bringing you a message of extreme importance, and it is due to the fact that there will be great changes on Earth in the near future.

How are they going to happen?

First, because of polar shifts, some irreversible processes in the Earth’s crust will start, which will change its structure, and as a result, it might initiate the process of redistribution of the continents.

As a consequence of these changes, a significant part of the land on some continents will be flooded, which will lead to a mass exodus of the population from these areas.

In fact, this process has already started. And this explains the numerous floods around the world.

Secondly, because the movement of the Earth’s crust will also affect the core of the planet – that is the plasma core, the fire mass will start to escape through the active volcanoes existing on Earth, many of which have started to show activity recently..

That is why it’s necessary to evacuate the population living in close proximity to such volcanoes.

Thirdly, these processes will also affect air masses. The air in the areas affected by the pole shifts will become compressed, and as a consequence the Earth’s rocks will become compressed too.
In other words, the air will be “sucked” into the forming funnels and will then be “pushed out” by force from them, which can cause storms and hurricane winds.

And fourthly, if the powerful processes of the Earth’s deformation happen underwater, they may provoke tsunamis with their devastating consequences.

As you can see, dear ones, as a result of the coming changes on your planet, the all four elements -Earth, Fire, Air, and Water, may rebel.

Why am I telling you about this today?

Of course, not to frighten you and provoke the low energies of fear.

I am addressing you as conscious and mature Light workers and my assistants on Earth, who learn how to live by the Universal Laws and create your reality with the power of your thoughts.

I am asking you, immediately after reading this message, to start working with the natural elements, of which I have already told you recently.

It will help harmonize them and minimize the devastating consequences, which will save many human lives, as well as the animal and plant world.

How should you do this work?

Of course, by using the fifth element –  Love.

In your meditations, you need to learn how to resonate with each of the natural elements; to completely merge with them, feel their vibrations, and, by activating your Crystal of Love, send the most powerful stream of this Divine energy into the energy body of each of these elements.

To make your work easier, you can imagine the elements in any form close to your consciousness, even in the form of a human silhouette.

Believe me, you are so powerful that with the power of your thought and intention, you can concentrate all the power of the element even in the palm of your hand.

Prove, dear ones, that you have already become God – Men, who are able to create miracles in the name of saving your planet and bright human souls.

Everyone, who is ready for the Ascension, will leave anyway. But you can safe those, whose souls are able to go through a quick spiritual growth spurt and transfer together with the renewed Earth into the fifth dimension.

And the time has come to act upon that, dear ones, and I bless you for that.

Your Father – Absolute, who loves you beyond measure, spoke with you today.

Channeled by Marta on January 3, 2017


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