WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Relationships between adults and children)

window-on-new-world-relationships-between-adults-and-childrenGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will turn to the next point of our communication “code” between people in the space of the fourth dimension.

Ninth. Relationships between adults and children.

In the worlds of high dimension any relationships are based on equal rights.

And children of any age are no exception.

The reason, before all, is that communication between people in the fourth and especially in the Fifth dimension occurs at the level of the Soul now.

And in this case it is the age of the Soul that is taken into consideration rather than one’s physical age.

Since really young souls will hardly be able to cross the border line separating the third dimension from the fourth one, in the world of the fourth dimension there will find themselves mostly mature old Souls.

And quite often children’s Souls can be much older and more experienced than their parents’ ones.

Well, how will they get along with each other?

Of course, a child’s upbringing should not be allowed to take its course even in the most favourable conditions of high vibration space.

Having incarnated in the physical body even the oldest and wisest Soul still needs patronage and upbringing so as to adjust to the present conditions of its existence.

But it can be done in different ways: strictly and didactically, as it is most often the case in the third dimension world, or gently and patiently not imposing one’s opinion on a child but simply explaining what they do not understand.

In the series of my message about children in the Fifth dimension world I described in details the methods of their upbringing and education so now I will just briefly remind about them.

The main criterion for upbringing of a child is respect to them as an independent and self-sufficient personality.

And it will be enough to exclude their will’s suppression or imposing of somebody else’s opinion on them, which you can come across very often in the world of the third dimension, with a child being treated almost as parents’ property.

Of course the very vibrations of the fourth dimension will facilitate establishing of respectful relationships based on equal rights between parents and children, as well as between teachers and pupils.

It will be absolutely different energy space, with not a single negative energy being able to “survive” there.

Yet, those who will choose work with children as their career will have to adjust their conscience and their approach to their upbringing and education proceeding from the new reality and new life priorities.

While in the third dimension world they prepare children for struggle for survival and try to develop combative qualities, in the worlds of high vibrations they will not need such qualities any longer.

The focus is replaced to their talents and abilities’ revealing, as well as their practical application.

So, my dear, having crossed the border line separating the fourth dimension from the third one, you will have to become friends to your children rather than mentors – attentive and wise ones who help their child to learn the basics of social communication and find their mission and its practical application.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 13, 2022.

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