WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Lodged with power)

window-on-new-world-lodged-with-powerGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will move on to the discussion on political structure of power that has been established in many countries of the world.

In the countries where monarchy was overthrown or its power was restricted, there started to shape a new structure of power little by little – secular one this time.

What principles was it based on?

As a matter of fact, the same ones: submission of majority to minority, that is, power hierarchy.

As you already know, even if revolutionary overturns were made by people with the best intentions, then these people in some “accidental” way disappeared and power was seized by those who did not care about nation’s interests but only their personal ones.

Of course, the fact that it happened just like this was quite predictable and logical.

The thing is that purity of Soul is not compatible with power over others and in the dual world people were not ready yet to live in the society that is based on the principles of Unity, Equality and Brotherhood.

As a result, the benefits of honest and decent people’s deeds were taken advantage of by the Dragon reptiles and reptiloids again who applied whole devilish arsenal of theirs to get to the summit of power and use people for their personal mercenary goals.

This is what their genuine nature is and many of them act instinctively obeying the programmes instilled in them sometimes even not suspecting they are not humans at all.

The fact of their origin is known only to the Dragon reptiles and some high caste reptiloids who most often remain behind the power scenes ruling the world and certain countries with their marionettes “hands” who they thoroughly choose and “keep on a short leash” by means of bribery and blackmail.

From time to time they made a mistake, with an honest and decent person suddenly getting into the picture.

But they could not stay there long due to the fact that their environment was not on the same wavelength with them and did their best to “oust out” a person out of favour who prevented them from lining their pockets at their nation’s expense.

During recent decades you have had a lot of opportunities to make sure of it watching the way suddenly one by one the heads of the countries who cared for their nations passed away.

The most recent “achievement” of the deep state is a skillfully elaborated mechanism of trick votes shuffling during elections of state heads all over the world, which almost always leads to the result they need.

And now the situation on your planet has reached its “boiling point” since almost all political power has turned out to be concentrated in the hands of the deep state.

And if this devilish “machine” for modern world control is not “switched off” as soon as possible, it will simply “explode” pulling along millions of pure human souls with itself.

So as to prevent it from happening, there has been made a decision to transfer your planet and the best part of humanity to a higher dimension having liberated them from the Dragon reptile slavery that has lasted for many centuries.

And now this process is not to be stopped.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 10, 2023.

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