WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (With cross, fire and sword)

window-on-new-world-with-cross-fire-and-swordGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about the reason why monarchs actually had to share their might with social and religious institutions of power.

It was occurring little by little alongside with the development of political, military, economic and financial activity of the states.

Monarchs’ counselors were not able to cope with such an amount of work anymore, while monarchs themselves rarely featured governmental habit of mind since power was inherited from generation to generation with the talents or abilities of royal offsprings not being taken into consideration.

Yet, so as to maintain their influence, they have always done their best to appoint their people heads of each department and, most often, the very Dragon reptiles or high caste reptiloids again.

Great care was devoted to choosing religious figures since it is religion that has produced the most effect of human conscience from time immemorial.

We have already talked a lot with you about how far official region is from the Creator whose particle each human Soul is.

By concealing this truth the Dragon reptiles have managed to turn religion into something like monarchy, with the head of this or that religious confession being “at the helm” and worshipped by their congregation with reverence.

Thereby, God has become Heavenly Ruler rather than Father for people and so as to get into the Kingdom of God, they have been in dutiful submission to monarchy and religious power for all their life.

And this has been by far the grossest crime by the Dragon reptiles against humanity.

The same happened to the teaching of Jeshua – priests perverted it and almost separated people from their Creator having deprived them of the knowledge of the Laws of the Universe that are the only ones to let one live in Love and Happiness.

And all this has been going on up till now.

The most successful in this has been Catholic religion and papal institution of power.

No other religion conceals as many crimes as those committed by Vatican and its deputies all over the world.

And it has happened because of the fact that this brunch of Christianity found itself under the influence of the Jesuits Order – the most merciless and cruel one that has been headed by the Dragon reptiles and high caste reptiloids for all the time it has been around.

It was them who arranged “witches” hunting persecuting and burning in fires anyone who dared to show free will and get out of Catholic priests’ control.

They also masterminded religious wars providing the lowest vibration energies to their master Archon, which cost humanity millions of ruined lives.

These creatures who know nothing of Love or Sympathy were celebrating with feasts the consumption of huge amounts of human fear, pain and suffering.

And the most valuable has always been and still is the energy emitted by a person at the moment of their violent death.

As you see, all this has been in progress up till now.

But it has already reached its climax this time since today the Dragon reptiles at the helm as well as their henchmen succeed in playing off not only different religious views people against each other but even those of the same religion, and this hostility is just gaining in scale.

So, having united, monarchy and religious power have caused even more human trouble and sorrow.

And it is only not that people are beginning to realize all the underlying reason for their troubles and the genuine essence of the religious institutions that were created on Earth slow but sure is being brought to light.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 9, 2023.

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