WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (New generation children)

window-on-new-world-new-generation-childrenGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to draw a conclusion in terms of our talk on the upbringing of the children of the future.

The top priority task for you should become their conscience rearrangement from the dual to the unipolar one.

And for this you should avoid any comparing of them with other children laying emphasis on the idea that every person is unique.

Due to their innate abilities every person is good at something of their own.

This is what makes them DISTINCT.

And the task for adults to fulfill is to find out this distinctiveness as soon as possible and develop child’s genuine abilities as much as possible.

Moreover, it is of extreme importance to train social skills in a child: the habit to take into consideration the desires and needs of the people around them.

Yet, it should be done the way not to get to the other extreme – total oblivion of their own interests.

It should be always kept in mind that love to oneself does not in the least exclude love to other people but, on the contrary, makes a foundation of harmonious relationships.

So as to share something with the people around, one should have it.

And it concerns not only material things but inner – spiritual – contents of a person as well.

In compliance with the Universal Laws of Attraction and Reflection everyone always gets what they emit into the world.

And it happens sometimes with the “plus” sing and sometimes with the “minus” sign.

So, if one feels Love and Respect to oneself as a Divine creature, one’s vibrations are rather high and, consequently, they will be attracted to by the people and events of the similar vibrations.

As a result, there will arise groups and communities that will be held sway over by Love and mutual Respect.

While if one does not love or respect oneself constantly searching for all kinds of drawbacks in oneself, one’s vibrations are not high and they will be attracted to by the people of the vibrations as low.

It can happen in a variety of ways: they can be “losers” just as oneself is or, on the contrary, those looking for a victim so as to realize their own ambitions.

Anyway, a person that does not love themselves will not be able to develop harmonious relationships with the people around because they do not possess anything good they can share with others.

And the last thing I would like to remind you of.

Avoid any competitiveness between children.

Try to find the games and activities for them that will provide each child with the opportunity to show their talents and abilities as much as possible and complement each other with no attempts to stand out from the rest.

And it is really important to teach a child to be excited with others’ success, which increases vibrations of any group or community considerably.

It is this human quality that promotes rearrangement of the dual conscience into the unipolar one and creates the atmosphere of Love and Respect to each other.

But the main thing, treat your children as equals since not only you can teach them but learn a lot from them too if you consider their opinion.

Do not forget that the purest and most mature souls are arriving at your planet now who are to live on the Earth of the Fifth dimension.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 9, 2023.

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