WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Price of prestige)

window-on-new-world-price-of-prestigeGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, today we get down to practical work on the eradication of globalism ideology that has taken deep root in your planet.

And we will approach this work both in the energy and physical – material – way.

But we will start with its energy part since, as you already know, everything that happens to a person acquires shape first at the subtle level.

And it concerns absolutely everything – from household routine to the crucial events of your life.

Let us look into it as clarified by specific cases.

How does fashion arise: for clothes, electronic appliances, cars, travel, prestigious professions?

What energy is it based on?

First of all, it is the energy of competition and self-assertion, which is commonly called prestige in modern society.

Sometimes one devotes all one’s life to get prestigious things and keep up with the others.

One does the work one does not like, but which makes profit, gets loans, socializes with necessary people stinting oneself of everything required by one’s Soul – the things that could bring one real satisfaction.

And one gets into this material trap “thanks to” the advertising promoted worldwide that imposes “well-off prestigious life”.

Well, this is the global web, too at the everyday level though that is designed to unify human needs irrespective of the culture and traditions of the country one lives in, people one communicates with and material resources at one’s disposal.

As a result, for millions of people the purpose of life becomes the “ideal” imposed from without.

What is the price such people pay for achievement of their goal?

And the main thing – what energies are their actions and deeds based on?

Most often they are the lowest vibration energies: of envy, jealousy, self-assertion at the expense of others – what is commonly called “making one’s way over corpses”.

And if the goal is not finally reached, then they are the energies of anger, powerlessness, guilt, self-humiliation.

And having even reached the supreme of “the happy” life as viewed by the public, one’s life is constantly accompanied by the fear to lose it since the higher social status and greater prosperity, the more it hurts to fall down off “the top” of success.

I think, my dear, that many of you have not only watched this from aside but have also lived through similar experience yourselves chasing for the better life not thinking about what and who you do it for.

And all this actually disguises the profound scheme of globalists to drive people to material slavery, lead them away from the spiritual aspect of their life – their Divine predestination and Soul’s mission.

And now it is time to come back to your origins having thrown off the “sticky web” of the values alien to you – material or moral ones keeping only the things YOU need and leaving in the past everything that was imposed on you from without with no good intentions at all.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 28, 2022.

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