transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-divine-matrixGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I want to tell you about what your Divine matrix ​​is and what role it plays in the Ascension process.

But first you need to understand clearly the meaning of the word itself.

The matrix is ​​the subtle material twin of a person.

It contains all the essence of a person – both individual and accumulated under the influence of various programmes of the third dimension world.

The human matrix is ​​multi-layered.

Those layers that are closest to the physical body, reflect the human essence.

And only two outer layers contain the Divine component.

By and large, we are talking here about the subtle bodies of a person, but in this case we will look at them from a slightly different viewpoint – not quite usual to you.

For clarity, imagine a human matrix in the form of hazelnut in a golden shell.

The kernel of a nut is the physical body of a person, and all the rest of his subtle bodies are intermediate elements between it and this golden shell which keeps them within the limits “outlined” by the person themselves at the present stage of spiritual development.

For people who are still at the very beginning of the spiritual path, these layers are compressed and almost embedded in the physical body of a person.

Thus, the individuality is practically suppressed, and the person lives according to the programmes of the third dimension world, not daring to take a single step away from usual stereotypes of thinking and behavior.

But the more humans conscience changes, the broader the boundaries of their deliberate existence become, the basis of which is not patterns imposed from the outside, but the personal perceiving of people, events and life in general.

And then the kernel – the human’s physical body – begins to move away from the golden shell which is the Divine hypostasis of a person.

It already can move free in the shell, being not clamped by “vise” of third dimensionality.

In other words, it already exists separately from the rest of the subtle bodies, with which it is now connected only in energy sense, and not physically, emotionally and mentally.

This happens when all the mental and behavioral patterns that are stored in the subtle bodies of a person have already been eliminated.

Thus, between the human’s physical body and the Divine shell there remain energy layers, free from all programmes of the third dimension world.

And if you shake this “nut”, then its kernel will hit the walls of the shell in energy vacuum that has formed.

In fact, this “vacuum” is nothing else but extremely rarefied subtle bodies.

Due to this, the physical body of a person is already able to touch unhindered the atmic body – the Divine shell of the human matrix.

And then the very long-awaited integration of the human and Divine essence will occur, which will allow your physical body to withstand the energy load that was impermissible up till now.

Overcoming, one after another, the energy barriers of its own subtle bodies, gradually being freed from the heavy energies of the third dimension world, it will finally acquire completely different parameters and thus become a light crystal body, able to move to the Fifth Dimension without disembodiment, and keeping personal physical features.

It will unite with your atmic body into the One Divine Matrix, and the other subtle bodies of yours will acquire completely different parameters, since now they will be saturated with the energies of the highest vibrations from both sides: from above and below.

Here we will stop today.

Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on 20 June 2019

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