transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-when-the-soul-is-restlessGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I want to give you some simple practices that will help you monitor your own energy state and at the same time identify the causes of soul discomfort.

Recall such expressions as “unquiet soul”, “be sick at heart”, “unquiet soul”.

And sometimes it happens even when there are no signs of any external reasons for concern.

In fact, in this way, the Soul of a person is trying to draw the attention to the fact that something in life does not go as the Soul would like it to do.

And if you have such a condition of inexplicable anxiety and worry, try to talk with your Soul.

To do this, you need to call upon all your Heavenly helpers and reach a meditative state.

Let all thoughts go, relax and ask your Higher Self what it wants to convey to you.

You will definitely get an answer in the form of images, words, intuitive insights or enlightenments.

And if it is about solving a problem, you can ask your Soul to give you the most efficient solution for the highest good of all.

The tips of the Soul can come to you not immediately, but in the course of life – precisely in those moments that will help you most clearly realize the causes of your failures and ways to solve the problems.

Now, my dear, you need to be more careful than ever to all the little things, signs, all sorts of clues and unexpected “coincidences.”

It has to do with the fact that due to the new energies coming to Earth, the time parameters on your planet are changing rapidly.

And these new high vibration energies “in collaboration” with your Divine aspects contribute to the fact that all events of your life begin to “shrink”, so that in the shortest possible time you will get the experience of living in the dual world that your Soul needs.

The things that could take you several years in the past now take place in the course of several months and, sometimes, weeks.

And now I will give you another practice that you should learn to do on the go, without reaching a meditative state.

If during the day you encounter unforeseen emergencies when there is no time to think and you need to make a decision very quickly, try to stop your Mind for at least a few moments and let your Higher Self “speak out”.

This will allow you to open a channel of communication with your Soul, the “voice” of which in most cases is blocked by your Mind and Ego, in a word, by your human essence.

Everyone must decide for themselves how to do this, using their own individual characteristics.

Those who have well-developed visualization, can imagine a pure and clear channel connecting them with the Divine aspects.

Those with developed clairaudience, can “turn on” their acoustic channel.

The one with creative thinking can see some pictures.

The main thing is to feel the essence of this meditation: to clear space for information coming from your Soul.

Of course, this may turn out well not the first time, but if every time you need to make a quick decision you set a goal to give way to your Soul that ALWAYS knows what will be better and more useful for you, thus you will start moving along the spiritual path by leaps and bounds.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on 19 June 2019

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