LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Energy component of Fifth dimension man)

life-on-new-earth-energy-component-of-fifth-dimension-manGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about the energy component of your existence in the Fifth dimension that is closely connected with your inner state.

As you already know, each thought and emotion of yours is energy this or that way manifested in the outer world.

And despite the fact that the Fifth dimension is a unipolar world, it is really diverse in terms of energy.

But this diversity differs a lot from the energy interaction of the dual world where each emotion (energy) has its opposite.

This is the reason why this world is called dual.

It is reigned by the conflict of opposites because each emotion in the world of the third density is saturated in terms of vibrations, that is, features high concentration of energy.

Why does this happen?

First of all, it is due to this low vibration world being dense, and, consequently, your emotions as well as your bodies are also “dense”.

Well, what occurs to people as long as Earth’s vibrations are increasing, and they are moving to a more rarified energy space?

In this case their conscience becomes “thinned out” just as their physical bodies.

How is it manifested?

Your conscience gets expanded in terms of energy as a result of which you start to see and, what is more important, realize not small “dense” pieces of the events you find yourself in but the whole “thinned out” picture in general – all the cause-effect chain resulting in these or those consequences.

This is exactly the thing happening to many people on Earth who have managed to overcome the routine worldview having got tuned onto the new vibrations of your planet and to advance to another level of understanding the events.

This is the cause for a huge gap between the “revived” and those “fast asleep” in the modern society.

While the “revived” see below the subterfuge of the criminal actions performed on Earth by authorities in respect of their people and realize their true goals, those “fast asleep” see and hear only the things presented to them by the official media, and the fear for life makes them dutifully follow all authorities’ instructions and regulations.

And it happens because the “thinned out” conscience of the former has already advanced to the new level of Earth’s vibrations, while the conscience of the latter still remains “dense” – featuring low vibrations at the level same as those who are at the helm of your world so far.

Thus, the “revived” people thanks to their new vibrations cannot play according to reptiloids’ rules – their Soul and their whole being is resisting these actions criminal in respect of humans.

While those “fast asleep” take instructions pernicious for their health and appropriate human existence for granted and, even more than this, as being salutary.

This is the way one of the main Laws of the Universe works – “Like attracts like”.

The current events on Earth are a vivid example of duality – its apogee: confrontation of Good and evil, Freedom and slavery, Freethinking and submission, the Conscience free from all the third dimension world stereotypes and the controlled, stereotyped and “blindfolded” conscience.

And with every single day this gap between the inhabitants of your planet will be gaining in scale.

This way there occurs natural selection according to vibrations when everyone makes their choice in compliance with the level of their conscience.

The majority of the people ready to move to the Fifth dimension with Earth have already made their choice.

So now, there is a thin layer of the population left who still have a chance to “jump into the last carriage of the leaving train”, and I would like them to succeed in this very much.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 4, 2020.

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