Collective human conscience change towards the Divine

collective-human-conscience-change-towards-the-divineGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So as to round up with summing up of the passing year’s outcomes I would like to tell you about the good things that happen on Earth during this year.

Before all, there has been an increase in the number of the revived souls.

And even those of them who have never heard of Ascension of Earth intuitively feel that in the life of the planet and in the life of people there has been an OVERTURN.

As a result, they treat all the information they get in a different way: not from the point of a person totally in the power of the third dimension programmes instilled by reptiloids but from the point of a person attempting to go below the surface and reveal the root cause of the events taking place on Earth that they feel are carefully concealed from them.

Therefore, more and more people all around the globe start searching for alternative information sources and open for themselves a new world they did not know before.

They learn to listen to their intuition but not to the things that someone tries to artificially impose on them leading their conscience in the direction necessary for high and mighty.

In other words, the conscience of the growing number of humans on Earth is getting out of reptiloids’ control.

The process is rather painful though. It can be compared with shock therapy in the spiritual sense.

It resembles the case when the scales fall down from somebody’s eyes and they start seeing everything as it is – in the raw.

And it concerns not only international events but close people as well, family members, friends and colleagues.

Everything that used to be excused as minor drawbacks or misunderstandings, the things that one closed one’s eyes on or left out of account now have become apparent and distinct with everything they entail.

Some people really start seeing how numerous are life forms on Earth other than the human race and how few are pure human souls left on the planet.

It may seem tragic and scaring to someone but it is high time to get to know the stark realities of life no matter how unattractive they are.

It all happened due to the fact that people have learnt to scan their environment IN TERMS OF ENERGY.

Now no fine words, flattery or tempting promises can disguise true motives of the ruling top.

People read in the eyes what their words stand for, and they feel the true essence of the living beings by their side.

And even not knowing who these creatures really are they understand rather well if they are spiritual or non-spiritual. This is what has become the chief estimation criteria for anyone they come across.

This ability is sure to have shown itself not in every person but only in the revived souls who either intentionally or instinctively have passed to a new level of the perception of the world in all its manifestations.

This year the number of such people has grown considerably as compared not only with the previous year but even with the entire previous decade.

And alongside with the new high vibration energies arriving on Earth and the help of the Higher Powers of the Universe it is equally accounted for by your contribution, too, my dear light souls!

Raising your own vibration frequencies and filling the world with Love and Light you raise collective human conscience to a new level at the same time as well, which enables a huge number of human souls to revive from duality coma.

And I congratulate you on this!

Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on December 22, 2019

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