transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-spheres-of-loveGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about the way the opinion of other people influence your inner state.

Can you feel Unconditional Love towards someone who criticizes, mocks, censures or does not understand you?

I know that so far few of you have succeeded in this, and the reason is as follows.

It happens not only because it hurts your pride but mainly due to the fact that you unintentionally get the feeling of doubt whether you are right.

It applies not only to the spiritual aspect of life but also to everyday routine issues, attitude to which varies greatly from person to person.

So, how should you handle the situation so as to pass to another step of the stairs leading to Ascension?

As far as theory is concerned, you are sure to know perfectly well by now that any situation in your life is another lesson for you to learn – the test for the strength of your Spirit and for your ability to love anyone unconditionally.

But why this knowledge is so difficult for you to put in practice?

The thing is that nearly in every person living in the third dimension world there was originally laid the desire to live up to expectations of people around so as to deserve their love.

That is why many people throughout their life try to “bow and scrape” in order to meet desires and requirements of others – nearest and dearest, friends and colleagues…

It has already turned into their usual state. And even if they do not agree with somebody else’s opinion they try to compromise so as to remain “good” in any situation getting on “well” with other people.

As a rule, well-brought-up pure spiritual people, being criticized, start looking for the reason of the critics in themselves since they know well about the Law of Reflection that is one of the main among the Laws of the Universe.

And here, my dear ones, is drawn a fine distinction that few of you can feel so far.

Trying to find out your weaknesses that other people seem to point at, you again get involved into the low vibrations world characterized by a feeling of guilt, self-dissatisfaction or fear of failing to please someone…

So, these negative emotions establish invisible energy bonds connecting you with the one who generated them.

It results in a vicious circle that prevents you from feeling Unconditional Love both to yourself and to the one who caused your doubts and blowing hot and cold.

In order to break away from the vicious circle you can do the following practice.

Let us call it “Spheres of Love”.

Put the person with all the negative words, thoughts and emotions they direct at you into an imaginable sphere filled with the Divine sparkling energy of Love.

You can put yourself in a sphere like this, too so as to completely get rid of the effect of the negative energies addressed to you.

Then try to imagine these two spheres, like balloons, rushing to the Heavens where they get imbued with Unconditional Love with no separation.

You become the Whole One with your “offender”, and everything you shared in the third dimension world appears just a funny episode of your life, some kind of a performance that was put up by your mutual agreement.

It is all over now, and having gone beyond the duality frames you are united only by Unconditional Love to each other, to your Earth and the entire World.

With the lapse of time this practice will take you no time but its results will be difficult to overestimate.

I bless you, my dear ones, and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 8, 2019

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