WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (No social stratification)

window-on-new-world-no-social-stratificationGreetings, my dear beloved children!

In my previous messages we dwelled on ten components of the communication “code” in the world of the fourth dimension.

All of them concerned more your personal qualities and relationships with the people around.

Yet, today we will focus on the social aspects of a new society that you are to live in the nearest future.

The first and most important distinct feature of the fourth dimension society in comparison with the one of the third dimension is absence of social stratification.

It will be hard for you to get used to it in the beginning – thus unusual it will appear to you.

Working class, peasantry, intellectuals, political and financial elite – this separation into social strata has taken root in your conscience and seems natural and inevitable to you.

Well, how and due to what will the border lines between all these “estates” be obliterated?

First of all, thanks to the change of human conscience.

Being at one level of vibrations people will take others in quite a different way this time.

With no duality in their conscience everybody will be equal to them despite their current position in society and inevitable superiority in some brunches of knowledge.

If one is self-sufficient, one is perfectly aware of the fact that even the most highly educated intellectual is no better or no worse than one who is keen on one’s occupation – no matter how simple this work can be, yet, exciting for one anyway.

Such awareness is based on the knowledge about each Soul’s unique mission that has embodied on Earth to gain its own experience.

In the absence of the energies of comparison or censure there vanish into thin air the feelings of jealousy, envy or superiority.

There remain only the energies of acceptance and gratitude to others for their work as well as one’s own energies of creativity and self-actualization beneficial for other people.

So, for example, a person who enjoys fulfilling tasks assigned by a coordinator in some sphere of your life with full dedication will be just grateful to the one who took this responsibility.

Not everyone is to be leaders – it requires some abilities for organization and management.

While another person is a perfect executor by nature and simply needs guidance and arrangement of their work.

The society of high dimensions, unlike that of the third dimension world, possesses the ability for self-organization.

And it is in the fact that everyone finds their place in society in a natural way fitting into it harmoniously and by intuition taking the “niche” designed just for them.

With pulling strings, careerism or the self-assertion being impossible the fourth dimension person is inspired only by the desire to find out one’s mission that will grant them with happiness and endless creativity.

And they can be found in any occupation – even the simplest and unambitious one.

The vibration harmony of the space itself will promote the creation of “units” of spiritually close people according to interests.

And it will happen because now people’s Souls come into the picture and for them it is easy to “puzzle out” not only like-minded people in terms of profession but also those of similar temperaments and approaches to work.

The work according to the “Swan, Crawfish and Pike” principle will remain in the past and people mutually complementary in everything will get down to work.

The “engine of progress” will become energy congruence and vibration compatibility, which is quite rare in the third dimension world because of Earth’s population being heterogeneous.

So as to make this wonderful time closer, try, my dear, to maintain your vibrations high and look closely at your environment: what if the “lace” of your new destiny has already started to be made around you…

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 15, 2022.

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