live-bait-fishingHello, my dear!

Today I would like to talk to you about the things, as I know, worry a lot of you.

And at issue will be your impatience that is sometimes so hard for you to cope with.

Numerous messages of Father-Absolute and other Light Forces of the Universe said a lot of times that impatience can just delay the desirable event since it conveys the energy of too low vibrations.

Beside this I would also like to remind you about the fact that impatience is distrust to our Creator and the scenario he prepared for the inhabitants of Earth.

Of course, I understand how hard it is for you to put up with the fact that chaos is still holding sway over your planet and events develop according to an absurd, inhumane and criminal scenario.

The creatures knowing no love or sympathy who you are used to calling globalists and who are still at the helm of Earth are pushing their way through and go on with the implementation of their programme on annihilation of humanity.

And seeing all this you feel being powerless because, unlike them, you have no other tools of influence on the current events beside energy ones.

So now I would like to explain to you why the process of Earth’s transition to the Fifth dimension is being procrastinated.

Before all, the reason is that the majority of the population of Earth is still not ready to take the appalling truth – it goes too far beyond the limits of the world perception of an average man.

I know that a lot of you think that everybody who can revive has already revived.

Yet, it is actually not right: the revival of humanity goes on – every month, every week and every day the army of people is replenished with those who start realizing who actually controls your planet and what horrible consequences their rule results in.

And it happens for the following reasons.

Firstly, globalists themselves do not conceal their plans and are increasingly intruding into the holy of holies – a Divine Creation which is man.

They are doing their best to ruin your genuine essence, cripple children’s psyche and introduce poisonous gene modified preparations into your bodies.

They incite fear, anger and aggression everywhere.

And all this is becoming SO apparent now that only a blind man can fail to see it.

At least, pure human souls see it clearly this time and it means that their conscience is starting to change quickly too.

All the things now in progress in the world can be called an operation named “Live bait fishing”.

So as to fair and square unmask those who enslaved your planet, they should be let show themselves fair and square too.

Which is the case now everywhere.

These creatures who are used to treating people as a herd of obedient sheep that they have been controlling so easily for so many centuries by inertia still believe that it is under their control as before.

But they do not take into consideration that Earth herself has rebelled against their millennia-old yoke and stood up for humanity.

And, generally speaking, the whole Universe has rebelled against them as well as all its highly developed civilizations.

From the subtle level you are now being provided with enormous support.

Each revived person is held by hand by the Higher Aspects of their Soul, their Safeguard Angel, Spiritual guides and Star families.

We see each of you from the subtle level and are trying to do our best to help you break free from the captivity of the third dimension conscience and advance to a new level of your evolution.

We are fighting for each and every pure Soul for the purpose of which there is being prolonged the crucial process of selection of the revived from those unable to revive that is now in progress on Earth.

And it is coming up to an end now.

And so as to speed it up, live for the day, enjoy small things and in terms of energy make the long-awaited moment of Transition closer.

Believe me, my dear, everything will happen at the best and most favourable time for everybody.

Just confine in the Creator and try to “tame” your restless Mind.

Affectionately loving you,

Seraphim of Sarov spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 18, 2022.

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