Our Mutual Ascension (Dialogue with your Soul)

our-mutual-ascension-dialogue-with-your-soulGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

In continuation of my previous message, today we’ll discuss how to  learn to “speak” with your Soul.

After you reach a complete mastery of merging with your soul and her being on the physical plane, the next step would be to establish your “dialogue.”

But do not forget, dear ones, to protect your channel of communication with the Soul, calling on myself, Archangel Michael, all your Spiritual guides.

You must do that until the time, when you learn to stay in the energies of Love permanently, and when nothing or no one would be able to interfere with your even and harmonious state of being filled with Divine energies.

Thus, after you establish a reliable protection, assume a quiet meditative state, call your Soul and feel its presence.

With time, you would “agree” with her about a special sign, which she would send to your body, and such a contact could be established almost immediately.

And when you unite with her mentally and physically, ask her a question, which is very important for you.

I think, you understand already, dear ones, that the question which you would ask your Divine aspect, must have a corresponding character and it must be based on spiritual motives, not on mundane and material ones.

Unlike you, your Soul stays in much higher dimensions. Sometimes, such a gap could be truly great. It takes a lot of effort for a Soul to unite with you, who are in the body of a person of the third dimensional world, and your Soul expects you to understand that her efforts has not been in vain.

Therefore, before you come for a contact with your Soul, think carefully about your question – realize what is the most important at the current moment, and then ask her advice, how to enter a new spiral of your spiritual growth with minimal losses for you, but with the benefits for yourself and the people around you.

Always remember, dear ones, that conversation with your Soul – is a conversation with God, whose particle she is. It places some responsibility on you and at the same time helps you to realize how meaningful and almighty you are.

All of you would receive answers for your questions differently, depending on your own perceptions of the subtle world and your abilities to discern the “signs of destiny.”

Someone would receive an answer immediately, as if it is literally placed lin his head as certain words, thoughts and images…

Someone would receive it in a dream or during the day as signs or suggestions.

But sometimes the response could come after several days, weeks or months.

Very important, after asking your question, to open your consciousness very wide, to the level of the Divine.

Only then it could penetrate the veil, separating the subtle and dense worlds, and allow you to accept the knowledge, which is beyond the limits of the habitual material perception of reality.

To allow that to happen, imagine yourself as a lotus flower, whose petals are open and ready to accept within the flow of Divine energy descending from Heavens, carrying in itself the answers to your stirring question.

And imagine your Soul as the conductor of this energy, transforming it into the images, thoughts and forms that are accessible for you, which the Soul will give you with all the means available for her.

I believe, dear ones, that with time it will become your habit and your life will assume a completely different meaning, elevating you to completely different level of being.

And I bless you for that!

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on January 31, 2018

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