My true Teaching (Conversations heart to heart)

my-true-teaching-conversations-heart-to-heartGreetings, my dear beloved Souls!

Today I’ll try to give you an idea how I have conducted my sermons after my final return from India.

After I had arrived into some new town or village, my disciples, Mary Magdalene, and sometimes my Mother, who often accompanied us in our travels throughout Judaea, told people about me, which helped to create interest and curiosity of the public.

It had been that way in the beginning, when my name was still unknown. Later, the rumors about me preceded my arrival.

And when enough people have gathered, I announced the time and chose the place for a sermon.

Almost all of them have happened in the open spaces – in the beautiful gardens, on the shores of the lakes, rivers, or sea. I wanted a beautiful nature of our Mother Earth, with its exquisite colors and smells, to be my ally and assistant.

Most often, my sermons started from some kind of joke, or a funny story or a parable, in order to enhance the mood of the people and give a relaxed tone to our conversation.

And only when I felt that a real atmosphere of trust and goodwill has been created, I started to speak with people about serious things.

I never have planned the topic of my our conversations beforehand, because first I needed to see the eyes of the people, who had come to listen to me, to feel their energy, to understand exactly what was important for them, what were their interests and hopes.

I think that even the very word “sermon,” which people are accustomed to use in relation to me, is completely wrong.

It would be more appropriate to call these meetings conversations heart to heart, an exchange of opinions and life experiences – anything, but not “the sermons.”

The word itself suggests a monologue, teaching, convincing, lecturing, something that was completely foreign for me.

I have not considered myself a Teacher or a Preacher and never put myself above other people, because I knew very well that we are all equals before God, that we are all his particles, his beloved children.

All the difference was in the following: that some of us have lived many lives and gained wisdom and knowledge, and some of us have come to Earth not a long time ago and were making their first steps in their spiritual development.

If I have made some kind of differentiation between the people, it was only between the young and ancient souls, in other words, developed and undeveloped souls.

But still only the developed souls have come to the meetings with me, because completely undeveloped souls still lived in another world – completely material one – and conversations about the eternal were still inaccessible and not interesting for them.

Before starting our main talk, I had established an energetic unity, for which I had lead a short meditation, almost unnoticed by the others.

For a moment, I closed my eyes and imagined the people in the group as bright lights that have come from Divine source, or as sparkles of fire intertwined in a beautiful Divine dance.

I felt with all my Soul, that we are one whole, who have been separated into tiny particles – to return into the lap of the Creator after our unification later.

I felt how the space around me was changing, how it was filling with completely different energies, all the negative energies were dissolved and the hearts of the people were filled with Light and Love.

And only after this Divine “overture,” I would start to speak at last about the topic for which I have come to the meeting with people.

We’ll stop here today.

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, spoke with you today.

Channeled by Marta on January 17, 2018

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