My true Teaching

my-true-teachingGreetings, my dear beloved Souls!

Today I’ll start dictating you messages about my true Teaching.

It had suffered so many changes over the centuries, that only the tiny grains of the Teaching have reached you in its original form.

The time has come when I can restore it completely, and correct the inventions and an intentional distortions, which have been done by those forces, that have taken control of human consciousness and diverted it into the direction, which allowed them to rule over people and force them to forget about their Divine origins.

But that concept is the foundation of my entire Teaching.

But let’s start in the proper order.

Now after Father and Mother had told you a history of my life, you know that I was someone like you and came to Earth as a son of man, and not as God, as the church authorities try to represent me.

My life has been very happy and intense.

The reason why I have been able to accomplish so much in thirty three years, given me on Earth, was the result of my Soul’s preparing very carefully and for a long time for such an important for me incarnation, developing a very detailed plan of actions and calculating every step.

Because my mission had a planetary character, the Creator had allowed my Soul to descend in both parts, male and female, which was a source of great happiness for me and the guarantee of success.

This Unification on a physical plane gave such a powerful impulse to my Soul, that I recalled why I had come to Earth, and immediately started to fulfill my mission, because my Soul knew how little time had been given to me on Earth.

Thanks to my dear Mother, this great Soul, who had incarnated at the same time, in my early childhood I lived and was nurtured in a special environment, which in those times a very few people could enter.

Qumran – this island of happiness and spirituality – saved me from the temptations and cruelty of the world, where I have chosen to be born.

When I left the commune of Essenes, I was a completely developed person with a clear understanding of the Universal Laws; because life in accordance with these laws is the only thing capable of making human lives happy and full, and of course living with spiritual values in the first place.

Even though, my first attempts to explain to people my understanding of the world had not succeeded, I already knew that the only predestined path in my life was the work for the enlightenment of the people.

My meeting with Mary Magdalene had become the decisive moment of my life.

Reuniting as one on the physical plane, my Soul gained its wholeness at last and was “awakened” finally.

It was similar to enlightenment, and in reality it was unification with my Mother Soul, abiding in the eighth dimension.

From that moment, the unseen thread connecting us was leading me through life, paving all the pathways, directing me towards the main goal – fulfilling the mission for which I was born.

After the years of my travels throughout India, and especially after my visits to Agartha and communicating with its Priests; the Teaching, which I had to bring to the people, “came to life,” and I found a key for offering the Teaching, making it simple and accessible, make it trustworthy and close to the hearts of the people.

My life experiences and natural observance had given me bright and interesting images and curious stories, which served as an illustration to what I wanted to explain to people, and my natural sense of humor helped me to do it easily and funny, without preaching or being condescending.

I think that’s why my sermons has been joyful for me and for the people who listened to them.

But I will tell you about it in greater details in my next messages.

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, spoke with you today.

Channeled by Marta on January 17, 2018

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