My true Teaching (God is Love)

my-true-teaching-god-is-loveGreetings, my dear beloved Souls!

And in conclusion, I’d like to tell you about another Law of the Universe, which plays a very important role in human life.

It is the Law of cause and effect that I have wished to explain to the people – that God never punishes people for anything.

All the adversities in your life happen, because you YOURSELF attracted them by your thoughts, emotions and actions.

Just as all the happy and joyful events in your life come to you as an award for the righteous actions, coming from your heart and filled with Love.

But the chain of connections between the cause and effect could be so long that not everyone is able to follow it, because it may go even to previous incarnations.

Life is complex and multifaceted. Very different people surround each person, and they enter with them into the very complex and often entangled relationships, which could continue from previous lives.

Often the souls are born in the same family with the purpose to untangle the old knots, to finish something they could not finish in previous incarnations.

And it is something that is practically impossible to follow. But if you know about it, many things could be seen differently, more consciously.

There are many signs which would allow you to discern an old connection.

The more difficult is a relationship with a person, whom you met on your path, the more certain you can be that you must untangle the old “knot,” coming from another life.

And for that, you must accept him as he is and love him with all your heart. Only love could put an end to the old feud and free you from further suffering.

But most often, the cause and effect lay on the surface, and you can easily follow the chain of events, flowing from one to another.

I am sure that each of you can find many examples from your own life.

And the last thing that I want to tell you.

You have to remember that the Laws of the Universe are connected with each other and flow from one to another.

And that’s why, it is impossible to build a happy harmonious life, utilizing only one of these laws and forgetting about the others.

But if life in the energies of Love could become a natural state of your soul, then you won’t have to think which law you are following and how, what is flowing from what, and what kind of the effect will follow.

You would reach your Divinity, because God is Love, which means you’ll create your reality according to the Laws of the Universe, without thinking about them.

A person, who constantly lives in the energies of Love, is not capable of breaking any of these laws, because his consciousness is already going out of the limits of the dense world and abides in the higher spheres.

And I am glad that many of you have already come to such a state, and all you need is to make the last step in order to cross over into the Fifth dimension together with your beautiful earth.

And now I finish the series of my messages and bless you for a harmonious shift into reality which is new for you.

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, spoke with you today.

Channeled by Marta on January 24, 2018

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