Our Mutual Ascension (Mental stereotypes)

our-mutual-ascension-mental-stereotypesGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today we’d like to continue our conversation about mental body.

We’ll discuss its ability to accumulate within it all the stereotypes and cliches of the three dimensional world, which when combined create all the programs – mental mindsets, which block your forward movement towards the new level of life, based on the spiritual and not the material values.

And now let’s try to find out how it happens and what could be done, so you can get rid of the old stereotypes and not obtain the new ones.

A mechanism of “earning” such programs is the same as in the emotional body, the frequently repeated emotions densify and transform into the clots of uniform energy, so called blocks.

In this case, they are formed from the frequently repeated thoughts, which gradually become entrenched in your consciousness, transforming into the stereotypes of your thinking.

That way, pure Divine flow of your consciousness, with which every person is born, becomes gradually contaminated and does not let in true eternal knowledge, which nourishes the human soul and not the mind.

And the more person descends into the three dimensional world, the more he is engulfed by the social environment, which imposes upon him its rules, traditions, moral principles, stereotypical opinions and other attributes of duality, the less he is able to hear his soul the more distanced from the spiritual side of being.

The media and especially TV play a huge role in that, transforming unsophisticated person into their slave, literally paralyzing his consciousness and not allowing him to think independently.

A person does not have much time and energy to be alone, with his own soul, to listen to his inner voice…

It has been said many times, in whose hands are the main”instruments” ofcontrol over human consciousness, and I am not going to repeat it.

But instead let’s talk how to resist the “plaque” of the three dimensional world and to purify your mental bodies from the alien programs imposed upon you.

Of course, the first thing that needs to be done – is to stop watching TV, at least those programs that carry negative energies and which roughly impose someone’s opinions on you.

Second item that requires your attention – is your surroundings and especially those people who have influence on you.

What energies do they carry, what do they give to your soul and not to your mind?

Do you need to pay attention to their opinions? May be you act following your habit and earning these mental stereotypes in the process?

In order to change situation, you need to observe your every thought, like you observe your emotions.

Remember, I have taught you to ask ask yourself a question, “Is this my thought as a human or is it my Soul speaks?”

But what if it is the thought of another person repeated to you many times and already transformed into the strong stereotype?

To “separate the grains from the shafts,” ask yourself every time, “Do I agree with that? Do I want that? Is it my own wish or it has been imposed from the outside?”

And most importantly, try to feel which energy is filling your thought: does it carry Light and Love, aggression or judgment, but may be it is completely neutral and has come to you out of habit.

Of course, it is not easy to do, dear ones – too many thoughts are playing in the head of every person.

You need patience and lengthy training, because the programs of the three dimensional world has been built in you through many years and in many past lives.

But you definitely must do that, because without it you cannot purify your mental body and move forward.

 Let’s stop here today.

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 16, 2018

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