Our Mutual Ascension (Mental body)

our-mutual-ascension-mental-bodyGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Thus, let’s continue our conversation about the subtle energy organs and move from the emotional to mental body.

As you understand, they are closely connected with each other, as well as with your thoughts and emotions.

The thoughts nourish and warm up your emotions, because they enclose them into images; they have dialogues with your “wrongdoers,” compelling a person to experience the unpleasant moments again and again.

As a rule, it is precisely difficult memories that are “cooking” within you for a long time.

But the pleasant ones are experienced more like sensations. You are bathing in a STATE of bliss, joy, love without much analyzing or thinking.

Why does it happen? There is a simple explanation for that.

You live in a three dimensional world of lower vibrations, therefore any negative energy feels at home here. It is immediately caught up by the astral beings, who live feeding on these energies. They pamper them, doing everything they can, so these energies won’t loose it’s strength and continue to “feed” them as long as possible.

But the energies of happiness, joy, love, bliss exist in completely different dimension and represent not thoughts, which are the attributes of the three dimensional world and the Mind, but a STATE, which is an attribute of the Soul, which lives in the much higher vibrations.

Let’s return to the mental body. What is it’s function and meaning for a human being?

Its task is to enclose emotions into thoughts and words, analyze what’s happening, and then give the result of your thinking.

And, of course, its “work” depends on a state of the spiritual development of each person.

You know very well how different could be a human reaction to the same event and what different emotions they could create.

What may seem like a tragedy for the young souls, for mature souls is just an one episode from life, adding different aspect to their learning about life.

And now we’ll talk about how to learn to take charge of your mental body, how to protect it from suffering, how to create for it a comfortable and harmonious state.

Of course, first you must learn how to take charge of your emotions, which we have covered in previous messages; because then you would give only pure “raw materials” for the “transformation” to your mental body, the emotions of Goodness and Love, which would nourish it with blessed Divine energy.

And then your mental body will increase in size, its particles will create a beautiful and harmonious design, and heart chakra, which is your organ of feelings, will accumulate a greater power and then would share it with everyone you’ll meet on your path.

Thus, this Divine energy will unite subtle and dense worlds and you’ll become its conductors.

And the higher you would rise on your spiritual ladder, the greater current of Love you’ll be able to conduct through your subtle bodies, and by doing that you would generously fill with Love the Earth and the people around you.

We will stop here today.

 Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 15, 2018

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