My true Teaching (To reach out to the hearts)

my-true-teaching-to-reach-out-to-the-heartsGreetings, my dear beloved Souls!

Today we’ll be addressing at last the content of my conversations, which most often proceeded in the following order.

First, I’ve told the gathering who is God, of whom each of them have heard, but who is imagined differently, based on ones religious believes, on the social environment, where each person have grown, on ones upbringing and education.

I’ve explained to the people that God is everything they see around them: the earth and the skies, the water and the air, all the natural elements, the animals and the birds…

Everything on Earth is created by our Creator.

But the main creation is a human being, because he is God’s indelible particle, his beloved child.

And I’ve tried to explain that as simply as possible. Sometimes, I’ve said that our Creator is akin to the mighty and beautiful tree, whose branches are the nations and ethnicities living on earth, and each human soul is the leaf of this tree.

When each soul is coming to earth, it is developing like a bud on one of the tree branches.

Gradually, this bud – Soul is ripening, filling up with the juices, and a new gentle growth bursts out from the bud, which later transforms into a strong beautiful leaf; but with time it is wilted and falls down to earth…

The same thing happens with a human body, in which a soul is incarnated. The soul itself is eternal and Divine, and it would come to earth as much as necessary to gain an understanding  – who she is and what is the purpose of its incarnating on this planet again and again.

Thus, I’ve gradually led people towards the idea of reincarnation.

Sometimes, I’ve explained it that way.

The Soul is eternal and lives in the Heavenly spheres, where only Love reigns – the energy of the Creator, meaning there are no sorrow and suffering there, which belong to the lower and dense worlds.

But the Soul is very curious, and it wishes to try everything that exists in the Universe, and especially on Earth, where life is so colorful and unpredictable.

Everything exists here to help one experience very different emotions, to go through unbelievable tests, testing ones endurance and spiritual strength; to experience happiness and sorrow, to understand what it’s like being rich and poor, what is kindness and greedyness, mercy and cruelty, love and hate, in other words, to experience completely all the specter of feelings existing on Earth; to feel all the nuances and to gain a priceless experience of life on Earth, where the energies of the duality rule.

Every time when the Soul returns home into the Heavenly spheres, it carries all the experiences gained on Earth, to be able to think it over, to experience it again and to think how it is possible to improve life on this long – suffering Earth; how to fill the hearts of the people with Goodness and Love, which would allow them to live peacefully and happily.

And then, based on previous experiences, it would choose the next incarnation, new country, new social environment, in order to add the earthy experience it lacks, and to move further in the understanding how to help people live better and happier…

They have always asked me many questions, because such knowledge  has been completely new and unexpected for the people.

And I’ve tried to answer these questions as clearly and precisely as possible, giving examples from life, wonderful and unexplainable interlacing of human destinies.

I’ve not changed my subject, unless I was sure that every person present there  understood everything I’ve said, and accepted my words not only with their minds, but with their whole hearts and souls.

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, spoke with you today.

Channeled by Marta on January 18, 2018

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