My true Teaching (As within, so without)

my-true-teaching-as-within-so-withoutGreetings, my dear beloved Souls!

Today, we’ll continue our talk about my conversations with people, all of which had left an indelible imprint in my heart.

All kinds of people had come for our meetings, and I always been surprised how they listened to what I’ve said, with so much joy, curiosity, sincere sympathy; how they responded, sharing their own stories, funny and sad, curious and unpredictable, stories given by life with its unlimited fantasy.

And these stories have been a priceless source of help for me, because I could show people with their own examples how the Laws of the Universe are working, and especially the main law: “As within, so without.”

And I’ve paid the greatest attention precisely to this law, because every person could follow its action in his life, if he have thought, at least ones, about the true causes of the events in his life, without blaming another person, which is unfortunately is common for many people.

Such is a human nature, when a person is happy, he is simply enjoying his life, not thinking about anything and often forgetting to thank the Creator for the joy that was gifted to him.

And only when he is not doing well, he turns to God.

During my conversations, I’ve often wanted to explain to the people that they are the particles of God, which means they can help themselves and change their lives for the better.

But for that, they must learn to live according to the Laws of the Universe. Sometimes I’ve given them the following example.

I’ve said that every person is born in the flow of God’s Love. And then this flow as a great and mighty river is carrying him through life.

But each person is free to choose – whether to stay in such a blessed flow, following its current, its Divine Laws, or to step onto the shores and to live according to the human laws, which were made up in order to hold human beings in fear and obedience.

I’ve explained that the Divine flow is the true consciousness of the human being, his natural essence, and to live in Love is as natural for him as to breathe.

But the people have forgotten about it! Or rather they have been forced to forget by those, for whom it have been profitable.

Instead of all-encompassing Love, slowly but thoroughly Fear has been introduced into the human consciousness, which gradually absorbed everything valuable, dear and beloved for them.

And this Fear, which took a firm hold on human consciousness, was responsible for the most destructive emotions, spreading around all the sorrows and suffering, servility, poverty, misery and sickness.

But someone, who succeeded in banishing his Fear and who again lighted up the fire of Love in his heart, could look at life with completely different eyes.

The Light of Love now was attracting to him happy events and good and kind people.

His life now was filled with the bright colors, generously sharing with him all the creature comforts.

It may seem like a magic, but that’s exactly how the almighty Law of the Universe – “The outer state of man always reflects his inner content” – was expressed in real life.

I’ve often been asked the following question, which as I can see is still relevant for many people now, “But why is such a mean and bad person so happy and rich, and why am I, so nice and kind, so poor and unhappy?”

And I’ve answered then, “Are you sure that the rich man is happy? May be a real hell reigns in his soul, and if you could see that, you would not want to change places with him.”

“Never judge a person according to external conditions, according to his material status, but try to look into his eyes, into his soul. And probably, you would see such a pain and suffering, such a fear of loosing money and power, such possessiveness of his wealth, which doesn’t allow him to sleep at night and which created sickness of his body and soul, that you would feel a sincere compassion for such a person.”

“And there are so many happy people with modest income.”

“They enjoy nature, which generously bestows its beauty on us, the love of their   family, the fruits which they grow in their gardens, the bread which is baked by their beloved wives, the children’s laughter, and even the physical work, which they enjoy because they see the fruits of their labor immediately and feel as real creators of their lives.”

We’ll stop here today.

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, spoke with you today.

Channeled by Marta on January 19, 2018

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