Our Mutual Ascension (Atmic body)

our-mutual-ascension-atmic-bodyGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today we’ll begin studying an atmic body and its corresponding seventh chakra, which is an entrance into the holy of holies – into Divine space connecting you with Creator.

This is quite difficult to explain, therefore I must use some allegories.

Imagine our Universe as a huge multi leveled substance, expanding into infinity and Creator, who had created it, in the image of bright radiant impulse that fills it with lively energy.

He exists everywhere at once, projecting himself into every level of his creation.

It is similar to the bright spinning projector, whose light fills infinite spaces.

Of course, it is very simplistic allegory, but it reflects the essence of this phenomenon.

Each of you stays in these all-embracing rays of the Creator. And the higher your vibration, the closer you are attracted to him, the more you feel his warmth, Light and Love.

That is why pure spiritual people feel God so clearly – they merge with him, dissolving in his rays.

And it is happening through your crown chakra, which is a light channel of connection of humans with Creator.

And your atmic body is this veil, which separates the dense and subtle worlds.

The people, whose atmic body is pure and harmonious, could easily penetrate through this veil and travel into another worlds, to another planes and even to different galaxies.

And that’s how it is happening.

Because your consciousness is also a substance of subtle matter, it is capable to separate from the physical body and live an independent life, but on one condition, that it would be “attached” to your subtle bodies.

If it is not happening, then there is a possibility, that after separating from your subtle bodies your consciousness can get lost in the infinite spaces of the Universe.

On physical plane, it appears that a person loses his mind, and other people consider him mentally sick.

To avoid that, every time when you would like to embark on such a journey, ask your Spiritual guides and all your Divine assistants to accompany you and to ensure that your consciousness and your subtle bodies stay in one energy space.

I know, dear ones, that many of you already have had such experiences and know that a person, who realized his greatness and his Divinity, can achieve anything.

And in my next message, I’ll tell you how it’s possible to have a conscious control over your bodies, while traveling in subtle worlds.

We’ll stop here today.

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on March 1, 2018

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