Our Mutual Ascension (Practice “Echo”)

our-mutual-ascension-practice-echoGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today I’d like to conclude our conversation about the emotional body and give you one more practice, which will teach you how to “hear” and feel it.

Let’s call it “Echo” because in essence it’s a communication with your emotional body; being able to catch the “Echo,” which responds to your call.

You don’t need to sit in meditation for this practice.

It’s goal – is to make a habit of your communication with your emotional body, learn to live in constant “dialogue” with it.

Thus, during the day, regardless where you are – at home, at work, driving, try to observe your energy flows and catch the emotional impulses in response to all situations, to all the people, and to all the news you hear.

Practice honest objective analysis of your reaction to the world surrounding you in all its expressions.

And listen to the feelings of your emotional body; what’s going on with it, is it happy with your reaction or not?

If you completely mastered a practice, which I have given you in the previous messageyou would surely feel how it responds to your emotional reaction.

And if you realize, that you succumbed to the provocation of the three dimensional world and radiated into the outside world the energies of fear, judgment, irritation and other negative emotions, then you can replay it any minute by transforming it from negative to positive.

After replaying the situation, again listen to your emotional body.

Believe me, dear ones, it is a very exciting pursuit.

You would feel as the circus artists, “juggling” your emotions like black and white balls, gradually throwing aside the black ones and finishing their act with only white balls in their hands.

And gradually it would be your habitual state – “to juggle with only white balls.”

But to conclude our conversation about the emotional body, I wanted to tell you of its another characteristic, it’s close connection with the heart chakra, although the heart chakra is not a sensory organ of the emotional body.

This connection is expressed in their synchronized impulses, when they filter your emotions through them.

And if your heart chakra – this Divine filter – filters them though itself, trying to soften and neutralize your emotions, your emotional body is some kind of archive – depository – of your emotions, which become imprinted within it. And in case, when you constantly generate such emotions, your emotional body starts to “choke” from the strange energies, then it throws them off into your etheric body, where they obtain a certain form, substance, size…

And because every organ of your body is energetically connected with a certain kind of emotions, then it attracts towards itself like a magnet these energy lumps, and becomes sick as a result.

It is exactly this principle, which is the origin of psychosomatic causes of your diseases, which many people utilize already and which your non traditional medicine employs now.

Therefore, always remember, dear ones, if you could earn your disease with your disharmonious emotions, then if you transform them into harmonious, you can get rid of the disease.

Everything is in your hands!

 Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 14, 2018

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