Our Mutual Ascension (Energy tuning)

our-mutual-ascension-energy-tuningGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today I’d like to continue our conversation about an emotional body and how  to take care of it and protect it from the energy attacks.

As I have told you in a previous message, it is precisely an emotional body that takes upon itself the first hit from the negative energies, which a person radiates outside.

Therefore, understanding that all your emotions carry within itself the energies of certain vibrations, you need to learn how to regulate them like you, for example, tune in your radio for the necessary wavelength.

Your body – is the same radio, and your consciousness is the “dial of the tuning.”

If you tune in for the short wavelength, you’ll catch the programs of the three dimensional world, and if you tune in for the long ones, you’ll catch the energies of Love and Light.

And today you’ll learn how to regulate the energy “tuning.”

In the beginning, let’s try the following exercise.

In a meditative state, remember someone you love and feel how your emotional body reacts to this remembrance.

But feel your subtle body, not your heart chakra.

It may seem to you that it is swaying, moving clockwise, pulsing…

Someone may see what a beautiful design is created by the molecules-particles.

Feel completely the reaction of your emotional body to the energy of Love..

And then remember someone, who have caused you pain, who have wounded your soul, and feel how your emotional body reacts to this person.

More that likely you would feel that it is contracted, rigid, decreased in size.

Negative energy of the unpleasant memories literally densifies it, greatly decreasing its vibrations.

And the molecules-particles create an ugly chaotic design.

And as soon as you would feel it, do the following.

Imagine this person as a Golden Angel, who simply has taken part in a masked ball, putting on himself the costume of a villain.

He has not wanted to cause you pain, but simply played his role very well, to teach you acceptance and Unconditional Love.

And in reality his Soul loves you sincerely and knows that he is your particle as well as you are – a particle of his Soul, because you are all – children of one Father.

Send this person all your Love from the heart chakra. Surround him with your warmth and gentleness.

And then observe carefully what would happen with your emotional body.

It would immediately relax, straighten, increase in size, start “moving” and the molecules-particles would create a beautiful harmonious design.

Practice like that, dear ones, remembering in turn the people you love and don’t love.

Learn to take charge of the energy processes, which you generate outside.

And when you completely master this process, then you’ll be able to keep your emotional body pure.

Let it become your energetic hygiene, a tool in the care for your subtle bodies, like you take care of your physical body, pampering it to ensure that its beautiful to make it pleasant for yourself and other people.

We will stop here today.

 Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 13, 2018

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