Solar eclipse

solar-eclipseToday I deflect from my theme, because of the event that is going to happen, which is capable to completely influence your subtle bodies, and I’d like you to spend it consciously.

The solar eclipse, which is expected on Earth tomorrow, will be a milestone which will finally separate the third dimensional world from the new energy space that your planet have already entered.

How could it influence you, dear ones?

First of all, there would be a considerable raising of the level of vibrations, and those of you whose consciousness have already come out of the limits of the 3D, would feel literally that a great chasm separating you from the world of duality that surrounds you.

It could lead to a certain bewilderment, feeling lost, but gradually you’ll adapt to the new energies and start “lifting” things higher, raising everything that surrounds you to your level of vibrations.

In practice, it could be that your friends and family, even the ones who regarded your “interests” skeptically, would start listening to you, because unconsciously they would start reaching up to the new realities, feeling intuitively that changes literally hang in the air.

The difficulty is in the fact that it is impossible to express in words what’s happening, because these changes will be revealed on the subtle plane of the earth; which means it could be perceived only with subtle senses, and on a  physical plane very little would change.

But the fact that the energies born by the solar eclipse will touch everyone, will give you an opportunity to use this chance to tell people what’s going on with your planet; to explain the energy processes, which affect their consciousness and all the events that are happening on Earth.

But in the first place, you need this day to harmonize your own consciousness. And that’s what I offer to you.

Start tomorrow with purification of your consciousness and all your bodies from the last remains of the energetic “garbage” of the 3D world.

Inspect your subtle bodies. In your mind, scan them and dissolve with the energy of Light and Love all the density that you encounter.

Ask the molecules-particles, filling your subtle bodies, to create a wonderful perfect Divine design, which would flow from one body to another, and let them ingest the energy of the new vibrations flowing to earth.

Let these energies penetrate each cell of your physical bodies, let it warm up in the warmth and Love, let it heal them, transform them into the perfect Divine crystal light bodies.

Feel these new energies, remember them and invite them as often as possible, not only tomorrow, but in all the following days to be able to start living in the new energetic space.

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, spoke with you

Channelled by Marta on February 14, 2018

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