Our Mutual Ascension (Divine Filter)

our-mutual-ascension-divine-filterGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Let’s continue our conversation about the fifth chakra.

Today we’ll talk about its cooperation with other chakras.

As it has already been said in the previous message, your self-expression directly depends upon the energies, which nourish the throat chakra.

And that’s how it happens in practice.

For example, let’s look at the two extremes – the lowest energies of the first chakra and the highest of the seventh chakra.

A deeply material person, living by primitive instincts, radiates energies of such low vibrations that they are unable to reach the fifth chakra and the following happens.

His self-expression through the words, emotions, and actions transits through the fifth chakra and bursts out in an unprocessed, unrefined, and the most primitive form.

Another words, they pass through Divine “filter” – which is your fifth chakra – they simply cannot “reach” it according to vibrations.

And that’s what happens with the fifth chakra, when it accepts thoughts, emotions and actions of the higher vibrational energies, radiated by the seventh chakra.

It literally blooms. It is nourished by the these Divine energies, and its own vibrations are raised and reach the vibrations of the seventh chakra.

At such moments, Divine inspiration, illumination, enlightenment descends upon a person.

It seems that his consciousness reaches to the higher spheres of life and he realizes that the source of his creativity is there.

It seems that the words, melodies, images, appear by themselves without any interference from him, that the Higher Forces of the Universe help him to create.

And then the real masterpieces are born, perfect creations, filled with the energies of Love and Light.

Of course, such examples as I have given rarely occur in a pure state.

The live of a person is so varied and unpredictable that even during one day, and sometimes within an hour, his emotions (energies) may “wonder” through such a great range that his chakra system would be transformed into real chaos, the raging of the elements…

It happens with the people who are unable to take charge of their emotions. And even when a person is able “to save face,” his inner “storms and hurricanes” are not calmed down by that; but, on the contrary, get even stronger, not finding their way out.

And then the fifth chakra takes the strongest hit. It starts literally to choke the throat from the inability to express itself, to express the feelings, to spill out the emotions that accumulated within.

On the physical plane, you feel as you are being strangled or you feel as lump stays in your throat.

Such a state may continue for a long time – until a person could master his emotions and dissolve them in the energies of Love.

In my next message, I’ll tell you how to learn to calm down the “raging elements” within you, harmonizing your fifth chakra by doing that, keeping it on a proper level of vibrations.

 Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 7, 2018

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