Light expels Darkness


Greetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I’d like to tell you what have changed on the earth’s subtle plane in the last past months.

First, The axis of Earth has shifted for several more degrees.

And, as you can see, it has lead to the weather anomalies and to the next round of “shaking” of the Earth crust.

But it also has a positive side. These changes has lead to an increase in the Earth vibrations, and as a result the Earth is able to sort out the inhabitants of the astral plane according to their vibrations.

What does it mean for you?

Being in the higher vibrations, the astral body of Earth is slowly expelling from itself the beings of the lower astral plane, because they cannot exist in these new conditions.

The same thing is happening in the Earth’s mental and causal bodies, where the beings of the middle and the higher astral plane exist. They are already suffocating in the new vibrations of the Earth, which turned out to be too “rarified” for them.

That’s why the beings of all levels try to survive, using the people of corresponding vibrations…

And it is very important, dear ones, that you know about it and are prepared, because now as never before your negative emotions could be triggered; and also there is a danger that you would contact not the Forces of Light, but the astral beings, who would pretend to be the Forces of Light and use their names.

It is more relevant for those of you, who have a channel of connection with the subtle world, and who are accustomed to receiving channelled messages from the Higher Forces, or who simply like to communicate with the spiritual guides.

You have been given much guidance on how to discern the true messages from the false, and I am not going to repeat myself.

But I ask you, dear ones, to be careful – and not to feed these beings with your energies and to test everything, that you receive or read whether it’s true or false with every means that is available to you.

It would help you and your Mother Earth in your liberation from the burden of lower energies and in purification of your energy space, which would ease your Shift into the new dimension.

And second, what I wanted to share with you is the ever growing opposition between the Forces of Light and Darkness, both on Earth and in the space around the Earth.

The battle for the space of inhabitance has started. And if for a long time these Forces had been able to coexist both on a dense and subtle planes of Earth, now a period of energy rearrangement has begun, when the gap in vibrations has become so great, that they are unable to coexist in one energy space.

That is why an expression of the Dark forces on all levels of existence has become more visible and tangible.

And this “concentration” of the Darkness and Light leads to a situation, when the population of Earth also starts to “conglomerate” according to similarities of their vibrations.

There is a clear polarization of people into the very spiritual, who are ready for the Shift, and the ones who are not ready at all.

And the more the Earth would move into the Fifth dimensional space, the more energetically polarized the humanity would become.

The “half-tones” will be gradually washed away, and the people will be divided into into the two camps: the ones who would ascend together with the Earth, and the ones who won’t be able to do that.

Remember that, dear ones, and if you have already made your choice, then go forward, without looking back, leaving behind your third dimensional experience.

Learn how to live in the new energies and in the new realities, because you have everything you need for that.

Your Father-Absolute, who loves you without measure, have spoken with you

Channelled by Marta on March 5, 2018

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