Our Mutual Ascension (The Palette of your emotions)

our-mutual-ascension-the-palette-of-your-emotionsGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Let’s continue our conversation about the fifth chakra, this great worker, that transmits your inner strivings into the outer world.

To help you better understand a mechanism of the energy cooperation of all your chakras, let’s imagine the body of a person as a multicolored Divine vessel, separated by the unseen dividers into seven parts, according to the colors of your chakras.

When a person stays in a relatively calm and and harmonious state, each chakra radiates an even beautiful color. And the higher is the vibrations of a person, the wider is the circle of light radiating from his chakras.

But when a person is overcome by the passions, which are fed by the lower vibrational energies, then all the colors are mixed in the chaotic way, as if an unseen hand has powerfully shaken this unseen “vessel.”

And that’s how it happens.

The energies of the chakra, whose emotions prevail at a certain moment, rush towards the emotions of another chakra and they feed each other with their energies.

Quite often, it happens with the third and fourths chakras. It happens when good intentions of a person are mixed with the feelings of pride and vanity.

And one of the best examples is when the charity is done to show off, or when beautiful correct words are spoken not from the heart, but for approval and admiration of the people.

But the three lowest chakras are mixed more often than others, because the material needs and desires as a rule are accompanied by the desire to stand out, to prove oneself, to earn respect and admiration.

Such emotions lie in the origin of the unscrupulous sexual “conquests,” which feed pride of the young immature souls.

And there are more complex combinations, where the energies of the upper and lower chakras are mixed.

As a rule, it happens with talented people, who are touched by God’s grace, but who are engulfed in the world of duality with all its attributes, becoming the victims of worshipping, admiration, praising of other people and their own material desires.

In such cases, the energies of the lower chakras are mixed with the energies of the sixths and sometimes seventh chakras, and they all flow into the fifth chakra, giving it an ugly disharmonious “color hue.”

That’s why a novel, a painting or a song, created by a very talented person, but for the sake of money and popularity, have a different tone in comparison with the pure creations, created by the urges of the heart and soul.

A person, who is sensitive to energies, would always feel such not Divinely inspired lower vibrational energies, even in a very talented creations.

But what do you have to do, dear ones, to escape the energy chaos and help your fifth chakra to radiate pure Divine light?

For that, you have to learn to observe every thought and every emotion, to feel what is feeding them – what kind of energies they are carrying?

This is quite a complex process, but also very exciting. You’ll be surprised, how rich and multicolored is the palette of your emotions.

What appears as the most harmless thought, could consist of the energies of so very different vibrations, that in might involve all your chakras.

And this is normal, dear ones, because you are still living in the world of duality, which is far from the ideal conditions.

This imperfect world is exactly what you need to help you sharpen your mastery, to discern all the nuances and all the shades of different energies, from which your life really consists.

And in my next message, I’ll tell you how to learn to regulate your energy flows, to harmonize them, and to submit to your will.

 Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 9, 2018

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