Our Mutual Ascension (Self-expression)

our-mutual-ascension-self-expressionGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today we are moving to the study of the next chakra – fifth or throat chakra.

This chakra carries an enormous energy load, because it is responsible for everything that a person “spills out” into the world surrounding him.

Like the heart chakra, it acts like a “lightening rod,” trying to neutralize or at least soften negative energies, which burst out of the person at the moments of anger, despair, or resentment.

On physical plane, it appears as like the “words are stuck in the throat” or “a lump in the throat” as you like to say.

And now let’s follow the energy components for which the fifth chakra is responsible.

As you understand, its expression is not limited to the verbal. A person can express his feelings on paper, in music, in paintings and in anything else. Every kind of creativity is self expression.

An emerging thought, idea, image, emotional impulse is filled up with the energy and gradually is overgrown with details, then starts to incarnate into life.

And these creations carry with them that energy, which filled the person who created them. For example, some paintings attract you and you want to stand in front of them forever, but others repulse you and you want to run from them as far as possible.

And it is relevant to any kind of art.

A person, who has subtle feeling for the energies, can describe quite accurately a character of a person who created one or another work of art, and also his psychic state at the moment when he created it.

Reading of the energy information happens subconsciously and intuitively, and no amount of fancy words, great technique and professionalism could substitute for the warm, gentle, loving energies, which sometimes emanate from a simple painting, unsophisticated story or a song, which was sung with a weak voice, but from the heart.

And it happens in the cases, when a person has a well developed throat chakra – this Divine gift of self-expression.

But what happens with it in the third dimensional space, where quite often it becomes a vehicle of anger and aggression, which is unavoidable in the world of duality?

In people with very low vibrations, who live primarily in negative energies, this chakra transforms into a dense hard lump, which is unable to transmit through itself the rarefied higher vibrational Divine energies.

And as a result, self-expression of such people is limited to primitive verbal expressions and almost animal interests.

In this way, his fifth chakra protects itself from the hostile energies.

It is similar to a snail who hides into his shell, to protect its gentle body from wounds.

But a person, who is in the flow of the Divine energies, this chakra on the contrary grows to an unbelievable size, which gratefully accepts blessed energies.

In response, the chakra presents such a person with an infinite inspiration, with the flight of fantasy, with magic images, necessary words…

It becomes a number one helper in all his work and endeavors.

They harmoniously coexist in love and mutual understanding.

Love begets Love, and your subtle sensory organs react especially sensitively to all your emotions, coming from the heart.

We will stop here today.

 Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 6, 2018

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