Our Mutual Ascension (Love is quiet and silent)

our-mutual-ascension-love-is-quiet-and-silentGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

To finish our conversation about the heart chakra, I’d like to reveal to you it’s another characteristic, which as a rule escapes you.

It is the chakra’s ability not only to dissolve negative energies within it, but also to calm all the excessive emotions, even positive ones.

Human beings have a tendency to go into extremes, such as joys and sorrows, sadness and fun, love and hatred, excitement and disappointment.

Very few people are able to find a golden mean and always stay in a quiet harmonious state.

But being in such a state is the greatest wisdom – the pinnacle of spiritual maturity, to which only a few souls, incarnated on earth, were able to rise.

Thus, excessive joy, excitement, rapture, worship, euphoria influence your heart chakra in a way that is not less destructive than your negative emotions.

Divine energies of Love are always QUIET, because they carry within itself an understanding and acceptance of every living being on earth; they don’t know duality and accept everything that happens as lawful, based on cause and effect.

A person, who is connected with his soul and has consciousness of the Divine Being, looks at everything with a wise smile on his face, with kind humor, accepting all the people as they are, loving all their merits and shortcomings.

He perceives life as an exciting theater show with many actors. He enjoys the acting of every “actor,” regardless of the roles they are playing, Angels or villains, and give them all their love.

But it does not mean that such a person cannot be really joyful and “live to the fullest.”

Only his joy and happiness have moved to a different space, where completely different laws and energies reign.

But let’s return to the heart chakra.

Let see how it reacts, for example, to your wild delight.

At such moments, a powerful energy splash happens, which disturbs the quiet flow of your energies along the chakra “column.”

Such an excitement may have very different origins.

For example, an excitement of the sport fans carriers within it the energy of separation and destruction; because they wish a success only for their team and seek a defeat for another team. And in such a case, only the lower chakras are engaged, which cause a powerful hit for the heart chakra, which has to contain a flow of these emotions.

But an excitement of the fans of the actors, musicians and singers, their overwhelming “worship” is not better, because the “worship of the idol” is the same separation, which creates the energies of lower vibrations.

Of course, you may greet them with ovations, but let it be just an external expression of your respect for them, but inwardly quietly and peacefully thank them for their talent, for the pleasure they have given you, with clear understanding that it’s their mission on earth, which they honorably fulfill, giving joy to people. But you have your own mission, just as other people around you.

Of course, it is much more difficult to restrain your emotions towards your children and your loved ones, but in that case too try to look at them quietly and as an observer.

Your love must be reasonable, which would help you and your children to keep peace of the soul and to escape excessive emotions.

Never allow your emotions to splash out, causing wounds to your heart chakra.

Protect it! Observe it and make sure that the energy flows through it quietly, evenly, harmoniously, keeping the balance between all your chakras.

Learn to live in such a way that nothing can disturb you – not in joy, not in sorrow.

And I bless you for that!

 Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 5, 2018

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  1. Tracey says:

    Wow, I never thought feeling such positive emotions causes the opposite effect on us?

    I am grateful for your messages.

    Eternal love and light.


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