Our Mutual Ascension (Living with your Soul)

our-mutual-ascension-living-with-your-soulGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today I would like to sum up three messages, in which I have explained how to unite with your Soul and to hear its suggestions.

I’d like to explain to you one more time why it is so important to live with your Soul right now – at the juncture of two epochs, two dimensions, and two worlds.

Without it, dear ones, it would be impossible to go through the Shift, because a fifth dimensional space is a space of the subtle energies, and so far only your Soul, your Divine particle, is able to enter it;  and not your mind, being a product of the third dimensional world and operating with its perceptions.

But one of the components of the great experiment of the Creator is precisely an opportunity of merging with your Soul with a dense matter – your physical body.

Of course, such things have already happened on Earth, but as rare exceptions.

And it has happened, as a rule, with the greatest souls, who have come to Earth with the mission of the awakening of humanity.

But now, the energies of such great vibrations are coming to Earth, that they are capable to create conditions for a mass renaissance of consciousness; and that means for the unification of thousands and thousands of people with their Souls.

When it would happen, your body, which accepted within itself a subtle matter of your Soul, involuntary would be “raised” to the Soul, gradually changing its physical parameters.

That’s precisely how it has happened with me, dear ones. That’s why I have not been feeling pain during my execution, and that’s why I have been able not only to resurrect but also to ascend.

My body have already had within it the structure of a subtle matter, although it have not been visible from the outside.

But today, I’d like to warn you about disappointment, dear ones, because it is a long and complex process.

Most likely, many of you could unite with your Soul during meditations, but to be able to hold it inside constantly, you need to work on yourself tirelessly for a long time.

Only then, you could reach a state of being completely invulnerable to negative energies, and it means to the astral beings, who feed on negative energies; only when you’ll be surrounded by the impenetrable wall of the energies of Light and Love, only then your Soul would feel itself completely safe and would want to stay in your physical body forever.

And that’s the last advice that I want to give you.

Please, organize your life in such a way that you can spend at least twenty – thirty minutes a day in communion with your Soul.

You can break this time into several parts, but it’s important that you CONSTANTLY gather such experience, learn to hear and feel her, talk to her – establish a strong contact with her.

I would like very much, dear ones, that you, while reading my messages, accept them not only as a new knowledge, but as a GUIDANCE to ACTION.

Only that way, gradually changing your consciousness, your body, your life, you would move with small steps, slowly but truly, towards your cherished goal – the Shift into the new reality.

And I bless you for that!

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 1, 2018

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