Our Mutual Ascension (The Border Region)

our-mutual-ascension-the-border-regionGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today I would like to continue our conversation about your heart chakra and to disclose to you another one of its characteristics. And that’s what it is.

This chakra is an indicator of the level of vibrations for a person; another words, the level of his spirituality and at the same time it “regulates” his energy currents.

The scale, which indicates the level of vibrations, does not have a limit, because our Universe is unlimited.

Every soul, after reaching the highest level of spirituality on one level of vibrations, moves to the higher one, and so it goes into infinity…

I now will explain to you why it is precisely the fourth chakra and not another one, that carries such an important function.

It is because the fourth chakra is placed in the middle, and it separates the lower chakras from the higher ones.

As you know, three lower chakras – are an “earthy” essence of a person, and the tree higher ones – the “heavenly” ones.

Of course, it is a very general division, because human soul, incarnated on earth, is subject to such difficult tests that his upper chakras may close completely, in order to use all his powers for survival in the third dimension. In such a way, the material side of his life completely “buries” under itself his spiritual side.

But still most people manage to keep a certain balance between the earthy and heavenly endeavors in their souls.

But an indicators of their spirituality are constantly changing – too many factors influence the human life during incarnation.

And all the fluctuations of different states of the human soul, and all his feelings, sometimes very contradictory, go through the fourth chakra, which takes upon itself most of the hit.

All your excessive emotions gradually accumulate in the heart chakra, then descend to the dense plane, and your heart begins to ache, because it is a physical organ of the fourth chakra.

It happens as a rule with the people of a subtle soul constitution.

The disturbance of their chakras often happen, because such people cannot get rid of constant doubts, of feeling unworthy, guilt, worry about the loved ones and much else, that carries within itself the energies of the lower vibrations, which “bring down” even well developed spiritual people with well developed upper chakras.

At such moments, the energy components of the higher and lower chakras are mixing, which leads to the lowering of the common vibrational field of the human being.

And the fourth chakra, through which the energy of very different vibrations is circulating, takes upon itself all that burden.

The fourth chakra attempts to balance them, “sacrificing itself,” in which it’s not always succeeding.

And it is expressed in many of your sayings, such as “the heart aches,” “you break my heart into pieces,” “my heart breaks,” and others.

In reality, that’s what your chakra experiences, when it is caught up between the two sides.

Remember that, dear ones, and protect your heart chakra from all kinds of negative energies.

Keep the “border region” in pristine purity, do not allow the “intruders” from either side to cross your “border.”

Let your heart chakra peacefully, honorably, and surely fulfill its main mission – to carry Love and Light to all the beings on earth.

And I bless you for that!

 Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 4, 2018

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