Our Mutual Ascension (Traveling in subtle bodies)

our-mutual-ascension-traveling-in-subtle-bodiesGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today I’d like to explain you in detail how the shift to other dimensions and to different time frames in subtle bodies is happening.

Very important that you act CONSCIOUSLY and not spontaneously, which could lead to unwanted results.

After you master the practice of unification of your subtle bodies – emotional, mental, causal, and buddhic – the next step for you would be their merging with the atmic body, which is your “magic carpet” during your travels in the subtle world.

It is your traveling in these five subtle bodies that enables you to see, remember, and comprehend everything you meet on your way.

But an exit beyond the dimensional and time barriers is carried out by the atmic body, which has the highest vibrations and because of that can provide you with a relatively smooth shift from the dense to the subtle worlds.

Your unconscious travel through the subtle worlds happens according to the same principle, but in that case your Higher Self is acting instead of you, taking all responsibility upon itself.

But if a person is possessed by the lower energies and his head is filled with negative thoughts before sleep, the beings of the lower astral, who feed on such energies, invade his consciousness, and a person would have a terrible dream.

That’s why, dear ones, always go to sleep with good pure thoughts, with Love and Gratitude for the day, notwithstanding what kind of day it has been; because you already know that difficulties and suffering – are a priceless experience, which is given for your highest good.

Always ask Archangel Michael, your Guardian Angel, your Spiritual Guides to protect you during sleep from any alien invasion to your energy field.

And call them during your meditations before leaving your physical body.

I advice you to conduct such meditations only when it is really necessary – for example, when you cannot get rid of something for a long time, something that stops you from moving forward, and you decide to find a reason of that on a deep level.

Then you can ask your Higher Self to return exactly to the same incarnation where the problem have started, and by replaying the situation get rid of such an unpleasant quality.

Even if you won’t see anything in such meditation, you could feel how your five subtle bodies are pressed together and are moving in time and space.

And believe me, dear ones, that your Higher Self would do it for you if your intention is pure and sincere, and the goal is your spiritual growth.

Someone would like to visit his native planet and his star family. In such case, always ask your star “family” to help you in your travel.

Such temporary unification with your sources may beneficially affect your current state, because it would lift up from your deep memory a huge layer of previous lives in different worlds.

But during such travels, always try to observe that you won’t loose a connection with your physical and ethereal bodies, and come out of the meditation only when you feel that all your bodies are lined up in one row in your energy space.

Of course, it all comes with practice, dear ones!

Do not hurry, do everything slowly, gradually starting from simple tasks – for example, flowing with your subtle bodies into the Fifth dimension; utilizing practices which has been given to you already.

What’s important – is to feel your subtle bodies and learn how to control them.

And I bless you for that!

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on March 5, 2018.

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