news-from-galactic-federation-march-26-2018Greetings, our dear earthlings!

Today I am instructed to give you a message from the Galactic Federation of Light.

We will discuss your readiness for the changes, which will be happening much faster and be more tangible with every day.

Your Earth can be compared with the cosmic ship, which is preparing for a start.

The period for preparation is now finished: the system of control is developed,  the tanks are filled with the “fuel” from the higher vibrational energies of Love, which has been generated not only by the Higher Powers from the outside, but by the people living on Earth.

Like the astronauts, they have been preparing for a flight, developing spiritually and changing energetically, and now they go through the last test for their compatibility with vibrations of their “ship,” which would carry them from the three dimensional world into the beautiful world of Fifth dimension.

What could you do to go through this test honorably?

First and the most important – is not to loose your faith that Earth Ascension is going to happen, despite constant delays.

These delays are caused by many reasons, but the most important one – is the awakening of as many people as possible, so they could transform their consciousness and have an opportunity to ascend together with the planet.

Second – to live each of your days as the last one on this three dimensional Earth, which already had outlived it.

Look at everything that’s going on with the eyes of a person who already lives in another dimension: as adults with many life experiences look at child’s play – with love and condescension.

Third – concentrate your attention on your subtle bodies and corresponding chakras.

Another words, try to live with the guidance of your subtle sensory feelings, which would lead you out of the limits of dual perception of the world and raise you to the new level of being.

And if you succeed, then you would accept all the changes – climatic, geographic, political, social, financial, which now are going to start on Earth, from the heights of your consciousness of the Divine human; which means you won’t succumb to fear and panic, which takes over the average people in similar circumstances, when they are deprived of the habitual way of life.

We see that a concentration of negative energies in all areas of your life have reached its critical state and explosion is inevitable.

Of course, it won’t happen in one day, but if it would happen in one of the leading countries, then it would initiate the whole chain of similar explosions.

And because you and your Earth stay in one energy space, it will be involuntarily reflected on Earth as natural and technology catastrophes, which like “Echo” would respond to the cry for help from your planet.

We, on our part, carefully observe everything that’s happening on Earth and develop plans for rescuing people, based on many different scenarios of the development of events.

But still, dear ones, so much depends on you now, because every awakened person on Earth has an enormous energy potential and is capable to save by himself hundreds of people, placing them in his higher vibrational field.

This field would attract like a magnet those, who would be able to understand the changes that are happening on Earth and could transform their consciousness very rapidly to the level, which would allow them to join the people who are ready for Ascension.

We would like this message to help you to concentrate on the most important thing and to realize there is no time left for any waste.

And please remember that your Galactic brothers and sisters are always near you and ready to come for help in difficult times.

Ashtar Sheran, who loves you sincerely, have spoken with you in the name of Galactic Federation of Light

Channeled by Marta on March 26, 2018

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