My true Teaching (Love begets Love)

my-true-teaching-love-begets-loveGreetings, my dear beloved Souls!

Thus, let’s continue our conversation about what I’ve considered to be the most important in my Teaching, and how I’ve tried to explain it to the people.

I think that I’ve paid the most attention to the Law of the Universe “as within, so without,” because the deep understanding of this law, and most important, its life application could change the destiny of man and make him truly happy.

I’ve explained to people that it is not only necessary to remember sometimes that the external reflects the internal, and to change your thoughts and emotions in each particular situation with the goal to receive what you want; but it’s important to learn TO ALWAYS LIVE in the energies of Love, which would help them to achieve harmony in their souls and in their approach to life.

Constantly “glowing” inside, being completely filled with Love, would allow them to really change their lives for the better.

These Divine energies would serve them as a reliable protection from all problems, and it would attract into their lives good and kind people, happy events and favorable situations.

Love begets Love. It had become one of my favorite commandments.

And the following one: Every person is a creator of his reality.And he could change his reality at any minute by the power of his thoughts and intentions, because he is like God, whose particle he is.

I’ve also paid great attention to the Law of Free Will.

Many people have understood it wrongly, understanding it as permissiveness.

I’ve explained this law in a following way, so it would be more accessible.

I’ve said that a free choice lies at its foundation, and every person has to make it for himself.

Someone else’s will and someone else’s choice, imposed upon you, would not make you happy, because each soul is unique and has come to Earth with its own goals. Only you through your own spiritual work would be able to “remember” and feel what you really need, and what would help you to fulfill your mission.

And for that, you need to ask yourself, “What does my soul want? What would make me really happy? What would bring me joy and satisfaction? What could I do the best? What is my talent? What could I do to serve people?”

And while responding to these questions, it is best not to base your answers upon practical considerations, average societal values, traditional views on life, but to look deep into your soul and to understand what the Soul – your Divine particle wants, and not you as a person living on Earth.

The response may come as illumination, as a guidance or a sign from Above, which the destiny would arrange for you in the form of a person you need or as an unexpected situation.

It’s important to discern all kinds of guidance, sent to you by the Higher Powers or your own soul. They are always present in the lives of every person.

Always listen to your intuition, which is the voice of your soul. Your Soul is always with you, within your hands reach. And of you could learn how to have a dialogue with her, your life would take on a completely different meaning – you will unite with God, who would lead you through your life.

I’ve always given many examples from life and asked the people who have come to the meetings to tell their stories, supporting my words. And such stories has always been shared.

We’ll stop here today.

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, spoke with you today.

Channeled by Marta on January 24, 2018

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