My true Teaching (The main landmarks of life)

my-true-teaching-the-main-landmarks-of-lifeGreetings, my dear beloved Souls!

I am coming towards the end of my story, and today I’d like to sum up what I’ve been teaching people, to give you the emphasis of my Teaching, and the main life’s landmarks which I’ve tried to put into the human consciousness.

First and the most important – is an understanding that everything on Earth and in the Universe consists of the energies of different vibrations. And this energy is alive, it possesses its own consciousness.

Every second of our life we interact with it, attracting to us the energy, which is reflecting our current state of consciousness, thoughts and emotions.

This is the foundation upon foundations, from which all other Laws of the Universe take its origin.

Second – we all are the children of One God – the Creator of the Universe, his indelible particles.

And our natural primeval energy is the energy of Love, because God is Love, All-encompassing, Unlimited and Unconditional.

But after coming to Earth, we forget about that, just as we forget about our kinship with God, the Creator and with every person on Earth.

We become part of the game, which includes concepts such as “us versus strangers, kind and mean, masters and slaves, rich and poor” – another words, a game where the energies of duality rule in all its varieties.

But the main rule of “the game” is the following; after completing a long path of very different tests, after being born again and again in different bodies and in different conditions; we’ll remember about our Divine origins and choose, at last, our own native energy of Unconditional and Unlimited Love, which would allow us to merge with the Creator, which means to return Home, to the Source, from which we had descended to the dense world for unique experience and development of our Soul.

I have often been asked, “But why should we descend to Earth, where is so much sorrow and suffering?”

And in order to explain that, I have had to move to the third law – the Law of evolution.

Everything in the Universe is in a state of movement. Everything aspires to perfection. But in order to reach that, sometimes it’s necessary to fall to the very bottom, to enjoy the victory later, after overcoming many tests.

I often have given examples from folk fairytales stories, because they reflected the deep knowledge about the spiritual development of the human being – about the path of his Soul to God.

I’ve tried to explain that our Souls, while staying in Heaven between the incarnations, choose themselves their “adventures” on Earth, and the more ancient and wise is the soul, the more complex path it plans for itself.

But the fact that we forget about that after our descending to Earth, is also part of this Divine “game,” whose participants we all are.

Perhaps, it has been the most difficult point to explain to people, because there has been a very few examples which could support the truth of my words.

Only a few people has been allowed to know, while in incarnation, the goals of their soul and to start fulfilling their missions, as it has been with myself, Mary Magdalene, my mother Mary, John the Baptist and some of my disciples.

But still people have believed me, because everything else I’ve told them proved to be true, and they have seen in the examples from their own lives how the Laws of the Universe were working.

We’ll stop here today.

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, spoke with you today.

Channeled by Marta on January 24, 2018

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