standing-due-the-fifth-dimensionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will digress from our topic and talk about the way you can learn not to force events, which not only breaks their natural course but also decreases their energy value.

What happens at the subtle level when you are overwhelmed with impatience?

We will consider the most topical issue at this moment – the Transition of Earth to the Fifth dimension.

I know that a lot of you wonder why it is postponed again despite the numerous assurances from the subtle level about the Light Forces having already won.

The very reason for that, my dear, is mostly, you having failed to learn to control your thoughts, emotions and desires so far.

To facilitate visualization, you can imagine the process of Transition itself as a huge, magnificent sailing vessel that is heading for the bay of the Fifth dimension.

But so as to get to this bay fast and freely, it should cover enormous spaces separating it from the third dimension world.

If it is lucky to get a favourable wind, it will start to move towards its destination fast and persistently.

While if waves rise or, which is worse, a storm breaks out, its advancement will be delayed or, at worst, it can be thrown far back.

And this “weather” is created by you, my dear: with your light high vibration energies you “blow up” the sails of the ship and with negative ones – slow it down and sometimes even jeopardize it.

The energy of impatience is always unharmonious and, therefore, destructive.

It lacks calmness and confidence which guarantees success in any undertaking you initiate.

Let us study in more detail the components of the impatience energy.

They include the fear not to have enough time to do something.

And annoyance because your desire does not come real fast.

They also include lack of self-confidence.

Among them is also inability to live at the moment of “here and now”.

And offence because your expectations do not come true.

Among these components there is not a single one that is positive and could “blow up” the sails of the wonderful ship that is standing due the Fifth dimension.

Your unharmonious negative energies simply make obstacles on its way raising waves and sometimes stormy ones…

Well, how can you get rid of the impatience that seized you?

For this purpose try to imagine that you are travelling by this Ship.

Enjoy the greatness and beauty of the calm and immense Ocean of Love that it is sailing.

Imagine the Divine Energy of Unconditional Love filling all your being – every single cell of your body running all over it with warmth and bliss.

Get resonated with the vibrations of the Ship that is bringing you to the Fifth dimension.

Feel peace and harmony.

Stay at the moment of “here and now”.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing in thoughts and, most important, in terms of energy remain on board this Ship that is heading for its goal in a calm and confident way: through the space of the fourth dimension to the Fifth one.

You do not have to plunge into a meditative state for this practice.

It is designed to help you overcome impatience in yourselves that throws you back.

Instead of creating a “storm” in your Soul, “blow your sails up” with the Energy of Unconditional Love and Faith in a better future.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 19, 2022.

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