WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (One vibrations)

window-on-new-world-one-vibrationsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

After I have offered you the energy practices to protect Soul from the shocks that are excessive for it, I would like to talk about the way it can be protected by your conscience.

Of course, all the processes – both energy and physical – run almost simultaneously in a person, and I separate them only because the main impulse of any thought or emotion of yours is provided by this or that energy anyway.

And, consequently, the quality of your thoughts and emotions depends of the vibration level of the energy that they are based on.

This is the reason why all the Forces of Light messages convey one and the same appeal: increase your vibrations and try to maintain them all the time at the appropriate level.

So, for example, if one has managed to raise one’s vibrations to the level of the fourth dimension, then one will take any stressful situation not the way a person that is completely plunged into the third dimension world will.

One will be able to cope with it even without energy “crutches” that practices I offered you in my previous messages are.

But it will happen only when the awareness of a new reality penetrates in your subconscience.

In other words, your awareness of the fact that humanity has already reached the border line that separates it into two conditional groups – those who under no conditions will be able to move to the Fifth dimension with Earth and those who are ready for this – firmly settles in your subconscience.

And if you rank yourselves among the other group, no matter what happens around you, it will be impossible to “unhorse” you, that is, bring you back to the third dimension world that you have already said goodbye.

It is the awareness of the fact that you are in another dimension now that will help you become an onlooker under any circumstances of your life.

And in this case the harmonious interaction of your Soul and conscience is obtained not due to practices and meditations this time but in a natural way thanks to the fact that your conscience has reached the vibrations of your Soul.

Or, in other words, having reached the level one with Soul, it itself protects Soul from excessive shocks.

In its turn, Soul supports such person’s conscience by viewing current events from the subtle level where it constantly finds itself and sends the person hints and clues for further actions under the present circumstances.

As a result of such a well-coordinated “tandem” of Soul and Mind, all one’s actions become totally mindful and, consequently, as efficient as possible.

This is exactly the condition of Soul and conscience you should strive for, my dear.

And you will feel yourselves when you have advanced to the vibration level where you will not need energy practices any more.

Yet, at the initial stage they should not be neglected though.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 5, 2023.

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