transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-human-gods-world-viewGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on talking about Unconditional Love that is the cornerstone of Human God’s life and mentality.

One of its chief components is their PERCEPTION OF WORLD.

Human God’s world-view is perception of reality as physical manifestation of the processes occurring at the subtle level in all its variety. 

A Human God watching the events easily understands the underlying reason of each situation – the entire chain of energy interaction between people involved into these events, all the hidden motives that caused them and their effects.

In other words, they always see the whole picture of the situation, not isolated episodes, which is common for a third dimension world person.

In my message on mechanism of energy influence it has already been said about the way the emotion-thought-effect chain works both on oneself and others.

And since any thought and emotion rise in terms of energy at the subtle level, at the physical level they also show themselves in consistency with the energies they were originally imbued.

A Human God whose vibration frequency has already gone beyond the third dimension world range can easily scan energies generated by people and can trace the interaction of the energies that, in their turn, cause events corresponding to them.

Thus, a Human God does not see but PERCEIVES THE WORLD with their subtle sense organs.

Each of their chakras, like a tuning fork, catches the energies corresponding to it, and basing on this they get a vivid image of developments scenario in their mind’s eye.

So, what happens next?

How does a Human God react on the things they see and feel?

First of all, by any means they do not get involved into these events emotionally, which will inevitably result in decrease in their own vibration frequency.

They always remain just an onlooker, and the only thing they can afford is to open ajar, for the one ready to see, the “door” to the subtle material world for the one to go below the surface of the events taking place at the physical level and to realize the root cause of them.

The same way they treat the things taking place on the planet in general: they know cause and effect of recent events that concern not only the life of certain people but the life of the entire planet as well.

Any news, even the most tragic one, is taken by a Human God as inevitable effect of generated by people thought-emotion-action chain that has resulted in a disaster at the physical level.

They understand that everything is running its course, which for some will turn out to be the beginning of new life, while for others – a new cycle of reincarnations in third dimension worlds.

Meantime they feel neither excessive joy for the former nor grief for the latter since they understand the irreversibility of the Law of Reflection and impossibility of their interference into the free will of a person.

And it is not what humans call “indifference” but a wise perspective on the things happening, and that is exactly what the manifestation of Human God’s world-view is.

Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 10, 2019

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