TRANSITION TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION (Mechanism of energy influence)

transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-mechanism-of-energy-influenceGreetings, my dear beloved children!

To continue my yesterday’s message, I would like to remind you once again that there is neither time nor distance for energy.

In this regard, it is sometimes difficult for a person to track where an energy attack comes from.

Now I will explain in more detail how this chain works: thought – emotion – energy impact on yourself or another person.

But firstly, I will give a clear definition of each of these components.

Thought is a flash of conscience, its reaction to what is happening.

Thoughts that come to a person coincide with the level of their conscience at the moment.

People of the third dimension world are obsessed with a huge amount of thoughts only because they have not learned yet to live in the moment “here and now”.

Most often, they live with anything – memories, dreams, thoughts, judgments, accusations, regrets, but not what they are busy with at the moment of their life.

Therefore, the flashes of their conscience, layering on each other, form a real mental chaos that invariably develops into emotional chaos.

Emotion is an energy – shaped thought.

Therefore, everything what a person thinks of generates this or that energy.

And this generated by thoughts and emotions of a person energy creates your reality attracting to itself similar energies according to the Law of Similarity and reflecting them outward.

Energy influence is the penetration into the energy space of a person or any other living creature.

Moreover, it can be equally made both on oneself and others.

And this is how it happens in practice.

For example, generating a negative thought that almost instantly acquires an energy coloring corresponding to it, a person thus forms an energetic bunch of certain vibrations – emanation that begins to live an independent life.

According to the Law of Similarity, it attracts astral beings that feed on such energies that simultaneously become a bridge connecting this emanation with the egregor of this type of energy.

Thus, negative thoughts generated by a person open the gateways for the energy of low vibrations to enter their conscience that gradually take them prisoner: a person becomes already obsessed with these thoughts and emotions.

Thus, an energy effect on oneself occurs.

If these thoughts and emotions are directed at another person, then the emanations generated by them find their “victim” anywhere in your planet, because for the energy that this emanation consists of there are no barriers – neither spatial nor temporal.

So, unsuspecting people are attacked by astral beings that invade their energy space only because someone else thinks about them, which means someone “shares” energy of a certain kind with them.

But in the same way your thoughts and emotions full of Love influence people.

They fill both you and the person you think of with the energies of the highest vibrations.

Remember this, my dear ones, and always share with people the best that you have, thereby keeping clean both your and their energy space.

I bless you and love you very much!

Father-Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on August 1, 2019

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