LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Saint-Germain)

life-on-new-earth-saint-germainGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to focus on one more group of the Light Forces that in the esoteric circles is called Ascended Masters.

Why is there such a gradation at the subtle level, and what is the difference between Ascended Masters from, for example, Saints and Angel creatures?

As you probably have guessed, Ascended Masters are also fragmented particles of great souls from very high dimensions who came to Earth with one and only purpose: help people of the third dimension world to remember about their Divine origin.

And since many of them were well aware of the fact that during one incarnation in the physical body on Earth it is very hard to do, they chose as their Service to humanity artificial understating of their vibrations so that even being disembodied to be as close to people as possible.

One of the vivid examples like this is Saint Germain.

His image remained in human memory as that of a mystical individual featuring not only profound knowledge in all the spheres of life but energy super abilities as well.

And it is accounted for by the fact that Saint Germain was a rare exception – the one who was allowed to get incarnated with his memory preserved and, consequently, the access to the Universe “database” was maintained for him from which he gained his knowledge generously sharing it with people.

He was also let to leave the earthly level as he wished – when he himself thought it was necessary.

And this is what he did when he realized that people were not ready yet to accept the deep knowledge of the Universe scale so unusual for them.

The peoples of European countries in the eighteenth century in spite of the narrow circle of educated society were mostly coarse and ignorant.

Moreover, they were under strong influence of religion that was counter to the world view of count Saint Germain.

And even freemason’s movement he in the beginning got involved into hoping to find companions and spiritually sublime people there did not live up to his expectations because he understood that the majority of the freemason’s lodges’ members were serving Devil, not God.

But nevertheless, Saint Germain’s life on Earth was not in vain for people, for they themselves became convinced how perfect one can be in all respects.

For many he turned into a standard of spirituality, erudition, aristocracy in the best meaning of the word, the one possessing incredible fund of knowledge, a mystic, healer and clairvoyant.

And after he left the physical level he remained invisible patron of people enveloping them from Heaven with his “purple flame”.

What is it as a matter of fact?

This is energy of rather high vibrations that can penetrate energy space of humans, heal their bodies and souls, as well as protect them from astral beings.

In other words, it is mild universe protection of subtle bodies of humans that Saint Germain developed according to his own experience of living on Earth and taking into consideration huge range of vibrations among people.

He created some kind of a balanced energy shield for inhabitants of Earth – this Prominent alchemist who goes on working for the sake of humanity having become not earthly but Ascended Master this time.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 23, 2020.

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