ASCENSION IN ACTION (Meet your challenges with “An Open Visor”)

ascention-in-action-meet-your-challenges-with-an-open-visorMy dear beloved children!

Today I would like to tell you what’s happening on a subtle plane of Earth.

Everything is changing quite rapidly, because your planet is going through the process of adaptation to the new conditions in accelerated rate.

And that’s why.

First, the volume of negative energy, that had been accumulated on subtle Earth plane, is starting to express on physical plane more clearly and extensively.

It is expressed in the following way: all the processes that have been launched in recent years, which have not included the energy of Love within, are starting to transform into the process of self-destruction.

The explanation of this process is that the energy component comes to the forefront in the new vibrations on your planet.

Everything that lays at the basis of any new initiative is gathering power in the shortest time periods, reaching its maximum mark, and then returns in the fortified rate to those, who have launched it.

For example, if in the basis of actions of some person has been slyness, personal advantage, desire to get something at the expense of others, than he could loose even what he have had in the shortest time period.

In other words, the Law of the Universe “As within, so without” has started to work in an accelerated mode to give a person an opportunity to catch up for the lost time and to learn his life lessons in the shortest time.

Of course, not everyone may realize that but the truth starts to be revealed for many people, and they intuitively reach the new levels of understanding reality.

Second, everything that’s happening with you now is an answer to the questions of any thinking person. “What do I live for? What is the meaning of my existence? What is the purpose of my birth?”

Now as never before, all the signs and suggestions are pouring to you from all sides to reveal what else you need to change in yourself, what prevents you from stepping upon your predestined path.

And the sooner you realize that, the sooner your tests will cease.

But they will continue until you eliminate in yourself all those emotions, thoughts and actions, which provoke an unpleasant events in your life.

And third. Remember, dear ones, that now the time has arrived when it’s impossible for you to hide from what you don’t like, what’s frightening you, what prevents you from living happily and peacefully.

There is no time left for playing “cat and mouse” with destiny. Now you have to meet all the tests with “an open visor” and meet them face to face.

Only then, you’ll succeed in dissolving all negativity which invade your live in some ways.

These are your very last tests, which, thanks to the new energies coming to Earth, bring from the bottom of your Soul the deepest memories, all the negative emotions, fears, stereotypes of thinking and behavior, which stand on your path to Ascension.

It is in your power, dear ones, to get rid of them forever, realizing their causes and dissolving them with the energy of Love, which you have learned not only to generate within you, but to share generously with others.

I bless you for that!

Father-Absolute who loves you without measure has spoken with you.

Channelled by Marta on April 25, 2018

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