ASCENSION IN ACTION (Flexibility of consciousness)

ascension-in-action-flexibility-of-consciousnessGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I’d like to continue our conversation that we have started in my previous message and to focus upon another aspect of the Ascension process, an adaptation of man to the new vibrations of Earth.

But this time we’ll speak about your ability to reprogram your consciousness according to constantly changing events, both positive and negative, changing as in a kaleidoscope like wishing to test your reaction.

It is relevant not only to the global changes and to the events of planetary character, but to what’s happening in your personal life – in your family, at work, in your city and in your country.

Now a lot depends on how you react to what’s going on around you, calmly or emotionally, with fear or with understanding that everything happens as it should be, with humor or with excessive seriousness…

The most difficult thing, dear ones, is to apply the knowledge you’ve received in practice.

As a rule, you begin to succeed only when you see the first results of your efforts.

For example, if in some difficult situation you will trust your Soul and Heavenly helpers, completely turning off your mind, you will get beautiful results and realize that the Laws of the Universe are really working.

That’s how a human being is designed, he needs a confirmation of truthfulness of any theory – even the Divine one to gain an unconditional faith in it…

But now, you need a FLEXIBILITY of consciousness as never before to stay at the crest of the wave, which carries you into the new dimension.

And here is  the meaning of this flexibility.

As soon as you begin to doubt which  choice is right, try to shift your consciousness into the space of the Fifth dimension, so you could leave the limits of duality and make your decision based on different reality.

Even though your body is still staying in the 3D world, your consciousness is fully capable of traveling in other dimensions and you have to master this unique opportunity given to people.

In practice it will appear like the following.

For example, you search for a new job.

Try to forget all the criteria, which have guided you in search of work before. In other words, turn off your mind.

But instead “catch up” that state in which you’d like to be in your new job, a state of happiness from your favorite work, which brings joy to you and to other people.

Be grateful to the Universe with all your heart for sending you this blessed work.

Try to get into such a state as often as possible – grow accustomed to it like to a new garment, and always send gratitude for the joy given to you.

Believe me, dear ones, the Universe will soon respond to your plea, because the vibration of your desire directed for the highest good of all, will naturally come into resonance with the new vibrations of Earth and materialize your desire in the shortest time.

It also works perfectly in relationships with people and creation of an atmosphere of Love everywhere, regardless of where you are.

But remember how important is TO BE IN A STATE of joy and happiness from the results received, and not to wish something concrete that is drawn by your imagination, which means your mind.

The Universe, your Heavenly helpers and your Soul will prepare such surprises for you that will exceed all your expectations!

Let it be, dear ones!

Father-Absolute who loves you without measure has spoken with you

Channelled by Marta on April 26, 2018

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