guilty-though-guitlessGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk to you about the current situation on Earth.

Perhaps, a lot of you have noticed that it is assuming more and more absurd character and more apparent at that.

The deep state’s marionettes do not manage any more to conceal the genuine idea of their plans behind nice and right words, the plans that bring destruction to all the spheres of human life.

Little by little humans are being deprived of all innate rights of theirs: right for appropriate standards of life, healthy nourishment, expression of free will and protection of major moral values.

Now it seems to you that everything in the world has been turned upside down.

But like anything in the dual world even such absurd situation has two sides of a coin – light and dark.

The light side is that all the things that have happened for the recent years encourage revival of millions of people.

Without such a vehement mental and emotional shock people would have continued to live by their usual everyday routine abstracting away from the “odd” things that take place somewhere “far away” and that do not concern them directly.

And only when danger comes close to them, people start understanding that if they remain indifferent to what is going on around them, their life will never be the same but will turn into a hell.

So, even those who know nothing about the Ascension of Earth that is due start taking actions at the physical level out of the instinct of self-preservation – some people do it by expressing inner protest, which is already good, and some others take physical measures too, joining protest actions against criminal governments who put globalists’ plans into life.

This is exactly the way that collective human conscience revives as a result of which the number of the souls revived begins to influence the quality of protest movement.

Why do protest actions featuring a peaceful start often end up with an aggressive clash with the police?

It is done on purpose by the deep state’s representatives who keep a whole army of hired clones that are introduced into society and act accurately according to a clearly set programme: to transform peaceful constructive energy of people who come out for a protest action into warlike and aggressive that reduces positive effects of such events to nothing.

Everything runs in compliance with a clear-cut prearranged scenario, which you can observe everywhere.

Being perfectly aware of the role of the energy component of human life, the deep state’s henchmen work both at the subtle and physical level.

Escalating situation in all the spheres of your life through the mainstream media, they spread the energies of fear in society, which decreases general vibrations of Earth and that of collective human conscience.

At the same time they work at the physical level too, transforming peaceful processions into bellicose and aggressive ones.

How can people oppose this?

Physically and in terms of energy, too.

Those who are used to working with energies can fill peaceful protest actions with the Flame of Universe Love that will be dissolving the negative energies of disturbances’ instigators.

While those who can take physical measures can catch the instigators who are instilled into a peaceful procession and give them out to the police who will have to arrest them.

Such actions will be one of the manifestations of separating the husk from the grain and at the same time will deprive globalists of their main “trump card” for suppression of protest actions – accusation of aggression in respect of innocent people, which is widely used by them at every turn.

Therefore, please, my dear, keep track of all the manifestations, not only peaceful, that are held in your countries and take part in them as much as you can at least distantly – in terms of energy.

Now, at the final stage of confrontation between the Forces of Light and Dark it becomes an urgent need.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 1, 2023.

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