WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (We are creators of our reality)

window-on-new-world-we-are-creators-of-our-realityGreetings, my dear beloved children!

And there is one more general pattern that I would like to tell you about today.

This is a common belief that little depends on you.

And in this case I mean not personal but global events both in your countries and on the planet in general.

Perhaps, many of you have heard from your family, friends and acquaintances the utterances like “Well, it cannot be helped, anyway”, “Nothing depends on us” in reply to your stories about globalists’ crimes.

Well, this belief has also been created for centuries especially thoroughly, besides, since only the behaviour like this allowed your planet’s conquerors to implement their plans on ultimate enslavement of humanity.

So now the climax has arrived: with enjoyment and superiority they were watching almost all the population of Earth dutifully following all their demands concerning the so-called “pandemic”.

In the beginning, being ordered from above everybody put on face masks that prevent people from breathing properly and then obediently queued in to get “vaccines” – the experimental preparations not tested on humans.

People were “locked down at their homes”. But they took it submissively and with “understanding”.

Not everybody, of course. But rebels turned out too few to turn the tide of this absurd situation unnatural for humans indeed.

Forces turned out too unequal.

While globalists brought down the power of official propaganda over people, the “renegades” of conspiracy could communicate true information to people only through their channels in the internet but the latter were carefully watched and blocked by the henchmen of globalists.

When people eventually went out to streets to protect their rights and freedoms, there were put into action “truncheons” – forcible dispersion of protest actions and their masterminds’ arrests.

All this has just reinforced the firm belief of the average man that “nothing actually depends on” people.

Well, what can you do, my dear, so as to destroy this durable pattern both in your own conscience and in that of the people’s that surround you?

To begin with, try to substitute it for another belief and try to make it secure in your conscience.

You can formulate it the way your Soul will prompt you: for example, “We are our own masters”, “Everything depends on us”, or “We are creators of our reality.”

And feel keenly these expressions with all your being.

The idea of such transformation is to feel Unity with other people, your joint power and might.

Meanwhile, you can visualize humanity as a whole – the way your imagination will have it – or get connected with its collective conscience in your thoughts.

Be creative here too, my dear.

Try to “see” and feel how at the moment of common mortal danger you get all your spiritual and physical strengths concentrated so as to eventually break free from the third dimension matrix and enter a new happy era of your life – to the world of the fourth and later the Fifth dimension.

And as soon as you gain spiritual power, at the physical level everything will start changing so fast that you will not believe your eyes.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 18, 2023.

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