WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Ultimate “truths”)

window-on-new-world-ultimate-truthsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

One more general pattern of the third dimension matrix is dependence of people on “expert” opinions of politicians, economists, scientists, historians, writers, religious figures – in a word, famous people who enjoy respect of society.

And few think about the fact that this “opinion” is often created artificially by those who benefit from this, with quite definite purposes at that.

So, the representatives of the deep state have reached unseen-before proficiency in creating “public opinion” and manipulating it.

In their grip there are all levers of influence on human minds as the mainstream media, scientific societies and financial institutions.

All this is also integral part of the third dimension matrix that is aimed at concealing the truth from people and “feeding” them on either outrage lie or half-truth, which is often even worse than lie.

As a result, at present, there is NOT A SINGLE brunch of science left that is based on true – deliberately undistorted – postulates.

It concerns both the humanities and exact sciences.

Why and how did it happen?

The reason is, first of all, that communicating the knowledge about the Divine origin of man to people was not among your planet’s conquerors’ plans, as well as the knowledge about inseparable connection of the subtle and physical levels of every living being on Earth.

Everything was deliberately adjusted to the third dimension matrix of the dual world forcing out of it everything spiritual and nonmaterial.

So as to fix these artificially created scientific postulates in human conscience, “the boys” were introduced into the scientific world.

Not only they promoted pseudoscientific ideas into society but also ousted out of it those who having managed to get to the heart of the matter tried to deny these false postulates.

A lot of honest and talented scientists paid their lives for such truth searching.

Such policy has been made for centuries as a result of which the “knowledge” necessary for the masters of the world has gradually turned into dogmas – “ultimate truths”.

In other words, all modern science is based on originally distorted fundamental information.

How, for example, is it possible to consider physical phenomena not taking into account the fact that everything is energy?

It is as impossible as to heal people appropriately ignoring the fact of their having not only physical but also subtle bodies.

Well, these are the delusions that official science is based on.

Everything that goes beyond well-established norms – the things that are already recorded in textbooks and works by famous scientists is viewed as pseudoscience and the people promoting nonofficial point of views are treated as pseudoscientists.

And such an approach is constantly fixed in human minds through the media.

The same concerns political and social issues.

The people who are revealing the true goals of the ruling top are called conspiracists and their “conspiracy theories” are scoffed at in every way.

And it shows especially apparently now when it is “conspiracists” who have led the fight of the Forces of Light on Earth and are trying to “get through” to the other people who take for gospel the “official” point of view usual to them.

And as you have already learnt from your own experience, this general pattern is so durable that to corrode it out of conscience and subconscience of the people around you is within the depth of few of you so far.

But your efforts will bear fruit anyway especially when Disclosure gains in scale and the media are cleansed from the representatives of globalists and the journalists and TV presenters paid by them.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 17, 2023.

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