those-who-lost-supervisionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to come back to the current situation on Earth and consider it from the perspective of the recent political events.

As you see, the actions of authorities in respect of people start getting back on them as a “boomerang”.

Disorders are spreading over an increasing number of countries and this time it will be impossible to stem them as before.

This time such vital needs of people as electricity supply, heating and foodstuffs are involved.

This is what every family household is based on and depriving people of their usual life style and basic conveniences governments risk inciting true national rebels.

Which is already the case in some countries.

And then events will only gain in scope.

This is the moment that is the turning point in the history of Earth.

The things now in progress at the physical level reflect the confusion, chaos and mess at the subtle level of Earth in a precise way.

We have already talked about that the representatives of the Dark Forces embodied as humans having found themselves with no clear and well-coordinated management of their disembodied patrons, are losing support more and more and their actions are becoming absurd and uncontrolled.

And now it is apparent even to the average man.

Never before have authorities on your planet lost touch with reality to such an extent that to pass laws designed at ruining their own countries’ economies and impoverishment of their nations.

As a matter of fact, they do not fully realize themselves yet what is going on and why they are leading their countries’ way to an economy “abyss” with suicidal persistence.

And the reason for this is that the programme of actions that is instilled in them is not adjusted from above any longer.

It resembles a car that was going at a high speed, with its brakes suddenly going out of order, so by inertia it keeps on moving forward until it comes across an insurmountable obstacle on the way.

And such an obstacle should become for them unanimous reject of the criminal and pernicious policy of their governments by the nations.

As for the military conflict in Ukraine is concerned, the attitude of the world top’s representatives to it is one more evidence of the fact that people’s lives are of no value for them and that Ukraine itself is small change in the accomplishment of their plans on Earth’s population cut down.

Well, my dear, how can you stop this mad “machine” of government that has become deprived of control?

Those who have no opportunities or abilities to show themselves at the physical level can work in terms of energy.

For this purpose as often as possible imagine the marionette world government as big and funny puppets.

Watch them hanging in a weak-willed way on their now useless uncontrollable “strings” having got deprived of their puppeteers, drained of all energy and miserable in this third dimension world that has had its days.

In terms of energy they are “dead” and, consequently, cannot do humanity any harm.

Invoke the Flame of Universe Love for help so as to completely dissolve the remains of the negative energy that they used to generate shortly before.

And then try to see happy and cheerful faces of people who are celebrating their deliverance and ready to arrange a new society of Unity, Equality and Brotherhood.

Visualize this picture as often as possible, my dear!

Create your reality by power of your thought and intention!

And let it become your personal contribution to the process of Earth’s transition to the Fifth dimension!

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 10, 2022.

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